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02. Sayings Nov 02 Thu

(2:30 ppm Nov 02, 2006)

"A man who have one wife and gets himself another get what he deserves." (CB Nathan Sawyer : DT ??)

Let's not go there OK?

Man as well as starting out late and still being sick, I am having IRC connection problems as well. What is a man to do? A struggling third year NaNo Novelist... Come on over to ##zotz at and watch as he painfully struggles to meet his goal for today.

Loqui as Charendaloquat was known to her friends was working up east today doing a painting of a view of Rose Island.(3:00 pm Nov 02, 2006)

This is really not starting off well today is it gentle reader? Not well at all. Am I repeating myself? Is this a good example of da block? Da chains?

Things weren't going all that good for Loqui today either. What had started out as a fairly nice day had turned cloudy and gray. The light was not right to give the mood that she wanted to capture. She decided to stop fighting it and pack up and head on home.

(3:05 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Oh, gentle reader, about that perl script that was giving problems? Never you mind!

Petrosephas was having a much better day though. He and his friend had gone up to Green Cay early in the afternoon and had caught the seven goats (said goats were still sitting on the beach by the way) and brought them back to Nassau. They had already dropped them off by a local drum construction engineer with instructions to send the unused parts to the NaNo darester. Imagine the look on that face when that particular UPS package arrives!

He and his friend were currently having a late lunch at a local eatery overlooking the harbour. They were not concerned with the gray skies at all.

(3:13 pm Nov 02, 2006)

(3:25 pm Nov 02, 2006)

These time warps are murder on the words per minute figures.

So Petro was having conch cakes and his friend was having a salad. Not an out and out traditional Bahamian lunch, but not too far out of the ball park if you know what I mean. WWNNSNMSNM. Got it?His friend, let's just call him Mr. X for now shall we, was an old old friend from early school days. Mr. X was one of a few of Petro's school friends who were willing to spend time in his beach hut for extended periods. Most of them couldn't take either the heat or the bugs or who knows what. Mr. X and a few others had no problems though. A few enjoyed roughing it. Some almost as much as Petro.

(3:34 pm Nov 02, 2006)

The thunder was rolling and the breeze picked up some. Petro ordered a Cuba Libre and Mr. X ordered a Tom Collins. I mean, why not, neither had anywhere pressing to be this afternoon and they figured they might as well enjoy the rain that looked to be heading their way and a bit of conversation.

"Awe I gun tell on you!!!!!!!" (CB Dion Godet : DT ??)

Now that was a phrase that Mr. X remembered well. Petro as well. They discussed old memories for a while. Mr. X claimed that he remembered it more as "Awwww, I ga tell!" but they both agreed that it was basically the same saying. One that you did not want to have said to you either. Know what I mean? WWNNSNMSNM. Got it?

No, because often after hearing that said, a little lumber or leather persuasion followed. They were split on which was worse. Petro preferred the lumber persuasion and Mr. X preferred the leather persuasion. They had each received, they agreed, their fair share of each. To each his own.

(4:01 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Petro asked Mr. X if he know Charendaloquat but it turned out that the two had never met as far as Mr. X knew.

"The thing is, she will not speak to me. I have been trying for over a year now and... nothing! Not a word. Not even a 'get lost!'" said Petro looking doen at his hands. "She just ignores me totally. Well, perhaps not totally, once or twice she sucked her teeth at me and lately she often turns away when I speak to her. Sometimes before I can open my mouth when she sees me coming."

"And why do you keep trying with her? Why put up with that kind of treatment from a woman? It's not like you are hard up for female companionship or anything."

"True, true, but the thing is, I only want to date those other women. This one, I want to marry."

"Are you kidding me?" said Mr. X, where did you come up with such a crazy idea as that? You want to marry a woman who won't speak to you? Who has never spoken to you? Crazy. Crazy. Crazy is all I have to say about that."

"Yeah, I know it sounds off, but I just have this feeling about her. She is the one man. She is the one."

"Crazy, crazy, crazy!"

(4:18 pm Nov 02, 2006)

(4:35 pm Nov 02, 2006)

They talked and brainstormed for a while before Mr. X said, "Petro, man, don't you have some friends in a band? Why don't you write her a love song and get your friends to record it for you. That might melt the ice some."

"That's not a bad idea ya know. Let me write that down. I am going up on the Bo Hengy tomorrow and I plan on spending some time over the weekend trying to come up with a plan to catch that girl."

"Listen Petro, I want to head out so I can beat the traffic home if it isn't already too late. Good seeing you, and good luck this weekend."

"Later man. Keep it cool."(4:40 pm Nov 02, 2006)

They paid the bill and walked out to the parking lot, got in their rides, and headed out into the fray.

"The higher the monkey climbs up a tree, the more he is exposed." (CB Derek Been : DT ??)

(8:10 pm Nov 02, 2006)

After leaving the restaurant, Petro had decided to spend the night on the beach and so had headed west in Shirley Street and later on West Bay before cutting over to the airport road at Prospect Ridge. He had a little trouble with getting through town but after that, things went smoothly.

He now had a small fire going in a circle of rocks on the beach and was lying on a towel looking up at the sky. He had just finished a small fire cooked meal and would sit up to sip from a glass of wine from time to time.

(8:40 pm Nov 02, 2006)

A song. A love song. It sounded like a nice idea but he didn't think he could do it.

(9:00 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Every once in a while, he would send up a sky rocket.

Love song. Fireworks. Love. What was it about this woman that made him want her for a wife?

Love. How could he love her? How could he love someone who wouldn't speak to him? Someone who had never spoken to him?

I love you.

But you won't talk to me.

I need you.

But you refuse to see.

I love you.

And you were made for me.

Nah... Something wasn't right there. Something about those last two lines. Was it using I love you again so soon? Or was the I love you not the right lead in for And you were made for me? He wasn't sure, but something didn't fell right.

Send up another rocket.

(9:16 pm Nov 02, 2006)

I love you.

But you won't talk to me.

I need you.

But you refuse to see.

My true heart.

Is yours eternally.

I's made for you.

And you was made for me.


Send up another rocket.

He stirred the fire a little bit and took another sip of wine. He smiled to himself. He poked ten Roman Candles into the sand in a short line, pointing out over the water. He smiled again and then picked up a burning stick from the fire and quickly lit them all as fast as he could.

He took another sip of wine and lay back on the towel to enjoy the show.

(9:28 pm Nov 02, 2006)

(10:20 pm Nov 02, 2006)Petro woke with a start. He had dozed off and dreamed about Charendaloquat and love songs and fireworks. Perhaps a love song was jumping the gun a bit. He decided to hold off until he got back from his Briland planning trip.

He sent up another sky rocket then put sand on the fire and took his gear up to the hut and lay down for the night.

(10:25 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Charendaloquat had been to a little dinner party over on PI earlier in the evening and then had gone strolling along the marina looking at the yachts. She bumped into Suzie at the ice cream place and they sat and talked for a good while before Loqui said good night and went home to her small apartment on West Hill Street.

"You catch more flies with honey." (CB Larry Smith : DT ??)

Well, gentle reader, I must say that it has been another very difficult day. I am sick still. It is late and I want to retire but I still have almost five hundred words to go. If you will check out the times, you will see that five hundred words could still take a considerable time at the rate things have been going today. I really must find some way to speed things up tonight and to get off to a better start tomorrow. Perhaps if I can actually get a good night's sleep tonight it might help.

(10:39 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Let's see if we can get a little free flow going shall we? Free association as it were. Free. Libre. Free. Gratis. Freedom don't come free. Liberty isn't gratis. Left. Right. up. Down. Right. Write. Right. Copyright. Copyleft.

Free associate that why don't you then... Give me liberty, or give me death. WWNNSNMSNM. Got it?

I love you.

But you won't talk to me.

I need you.

But you refuse to see.

My true heart.

Is yours eternally.

I's made for you.

And you was made for me.

Petro woke up with the lyrics playing about in his dreams.

Then he rolled over and fell asleep again.

(10:46 pm Nov 02, 2006)

I wish I could fall asleep like that. Know what I mean? WWNNSNMSNM. Got it?

Well I can't gentle reader. Not yet anyway. Perhaps not at all.

I have about two hundred words to go yet and each one is still a struggle. Now where was I. Oh, right. Free association.

Left. Right. Up. Down. Under. Cover. Up. And away. Down. And out. out. And about. About. Town. Village. Settlement. City. Country. Nation. Continent. Ocean. Sea. Seven. Lucky. In love.

Don't go there. Go back to sleep Petro.

(10:56 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Unlucky. Lonesome. Cry. Baby. Love.

Don't go there. Go back to sleep Petro.

Love. Labour. Lost. Found. Foundry. Factory. Shop. Clerk. (Pronounce that either way you like.)

Clark. Shoe. Desert boot. amel. Hump. Back. Front. Side. My. Your. Our. House. Fine. Ticket. Speeding. Concert. Music. Love song.

Don't go there. Go back to sleep Petro.

(11:01 pm Nov 02, 2006)

Getting real close now gentle reader. Just a little longer and we can both turn in for the night. What's that? You are not ready to turn in yet? Well, suit yourself. As for me, when I reach just over two thousand, I am gone. Long gone.

Long. Gone. To town. Red. Lucayan. Lion. Simba. Victory. Spoils. Milk.

(11:06 pm Nov 02, 2006)

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