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21. Sayings Nov 21 Tue

(1:46 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"I'm all pain up and ting mon." (CB Ronnie Kemp : DT ??)

(3:07 pm Nov 21, 2006)

With a drive in between. Waiting on the little man to come home from school. With his bright smile and missing tooth. With his happy voice and his hunger. Too much play to stop and eat.

Gentle reader, I talked to you a bit yesterday about Ayr Danger Kyne and so I want to pick up here and go a little more into her island experiences.

As I have told you, Danger had the use of a small field due to the generosity of one of the Hope Town locals. (Hey Hope Town people, if you think it was you who loaned Danger the field, send me a five hundred dollar inquiry and processing fee and I will do the research to confirm or deny the matter. Be sure to let me know if would want it to be you when you send in the fee.)

So, Danger was living in this small local field. Holding court and having a wonderful time. From morning to night as I have said. What I have not told you yet is that it was not totally continuous from morning to night. No, early in the morning, the owner of the field would come and lead her off to an out of the way spot and milk her. I have not been able to find anyone on Elbow Cay yet who can tell me the last time anyone had fresh from the cow milk on the cay. Then, in the middle of the afternoon, she would generally move the court to one of the local beaches and go for a swim in the beautiful, clear waters.

Other than that, it was holding court in the field, telling stories, munching gently on the grass, eating the hay that generous souls brought her. And, at least once a day, trying to get a hold of Doc and or Nipps.

(3:25 pm Nov 21, 2006)

Oops, gotta go back in time and fix some things...This fresh milk boon was something that the field's owner had not counted on when he had offered Danger the use of his field. It had just sort of happened. Well, it is a bit more like Danger took him aside and explained a few things to him and made the suggestion to him. He had decided right on the spot to give it a try and that very same morning had become somewhat of a hero to his lovely wife and to his grandchildren who were visiting. Fresh milk. Wow. Tonight, they were planning on some fresh milk and jelly coconut ice cream....

I must now try and fill you in on the happenings in the lives of Doc and Nipps.

When last we left the two pests, they were in a certain private hospital in the care of certain doctors. Things were touch and go there with them for a few days. Then they took a turn for the worse. Luckily, they were able to be flown by air ambulance to South Florida where they were checked in to another private hospital. And places in the care of certain other doctors. I cannot give there exact whereabouts due to contractual obligations, but they are in South Florida as I say. I am happy to report that they are doing much better as of this morning. I don't think I can say the same for the balances in their bank accounts though.

(3:44 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"Spare the rod, spoil the child." (CB Valorie Rees : DT ??)

The little man is home and mashing on an apple. Funny thing, all of the lunch was gone. Oh, and as happens very often, he brought home a beach in his shoes.

(4:34 pm Nov 21, 2006)

This year really has been something and it seems to resist change.

I can reveal that the two pests were not in Key largo and not in the Conch Republic either. They had visited and old Abaco house in the Conch Republic once though, but that was in the long ago.

That well so deep, the water tastes far, far, far...

Petro got home early and went to work on his new radio station. He was missing his runs. The ankle was beginning to feel a little better. The phone started to ring.

"Hello, black hole productions, how may we distress you today?"

"Sorry, wrong number."

The party at the other end disconnected and then after a short while the phone started to ring again.

"Hello, Petro here, speak to me."

"Oh hi Petro, this is Chloe, I am calling to follow up again."

(3:44 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"Oh, hey Chloe, listen, I think I might come if it will work with me still on crutches. Can you tell how soon I will have to come and how soon I can get home?"

"Petro! That is great news. Look, let me make a few quick calls and I will call you back in a flash."

Petro laughed, "Sure Chloe, I'm not planning on going anywhere tonight. I am hoping to get to bed early tonight though, I need some rest. Isn't it a little late for you to be calling around though?"

"No, it's fine. The people I need to call are night owls. Cherrio. I'll ring back soon."

The line went dead and Petro smiled. He hadn't intended to say yes, he had basically decided not to go at all. Well, he enjoyed it when he surprised himself. And, when he did, things usually ended up working out well for him. He hoped that this would be one of those times.

(4:54 pm Nov 21, 2006)

He hoped that he would not get into too many complications when it came time to tell Loqui. He wondered if he should invite her to come along. That was some idea. Some crazy idea perhaps. Or some brilliant idea. He had heard that the line between the two was often fine.

(4:58 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"As long as they make dye, I'll never go gray!" (CB Martha Albury : DT J.R. Albury)

(5:45 pm Nov 21, 2006)

Petro was still working on his streaming station when there was a knock at the door. When he answered it, Loqui walked in with her arms loaded down and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek as she passed by on the way to his kitchen. He wondered how she knew right where to go. Right behind her came Big Byte and a girl who he introduced as Suzie.

Loqui called back from the kitchen, "We've come to have dinner with you tonight. We didn't know if you would have enough so we brought some stuff. Do you mind if Suzie and I take over your kitchen and fix things up while you and my cuz do whatever?"

"Well, normally, I might insist on doing the cooking myself, but, since I am hobbled still, I will yield to beauty."

Suzie went into the kitchen and got down to business with Loqui. Charles took over the recliner and Petro slapped himself. What was going on with his head these days. It felt like a deja vue moment but he knew it was a memory come sneaking in. Petro sat down on his couch and asked Charles what his day had been like.

"Oh, a little of this, a little of that, I had to set up some special wireless setup for a big conference at one of the hotels this morning. For a while there, I thought we weren't going to be able to get the stuff to work, but things finally came together just after lunch time passed. We grabbed some sandwiches from the pool grill and ate them on the way back to the office. Then this afternoon, it was some research and some remote trouble shooting and a short online training session to get introduced to some new line the company is looking at. How about you?"

"Well, we have been having some issues with mail and DNS lately so I spent a while looking into those situations. Then I worked on a few little utilities to automate some jobs around the office. Plus, I worked for a while on tweaking our remote back up configuration. There seem to be some intermittent failures that I haven't been able to track down there, but nothing that threatens any major trouble. It is nagging me though. And then, when I got home, I started working on my new radio station again."

"You have a new radio station? Pirate or just streaming?"

"Man, I wish they would bring some low power FM legislation to the house here. I would love a little neighbourhood FM station to play with. Wouldn't that be cool! No, this one is strictly streaming though. It is cool though. I am using Peercast to do p2p streaming. As soon as I get some more music in my system, I think I may look at Freecast as well. And with Java supposedly going GPL, I feel a little better with that."

(6:11 pm Nov 21, 2006)

(6:20 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"That gone like Sam Major wife." (CB Gerard Symonette : DT Angeline Clarke)

Well, gentle reader, I had to hunt around for that last saying there for a bit but I like it and now I can finish up the day without looking for any more. I really hope I can get ahead soon though. It would be nice to just be able to finish out the month with all of them in hand.

"So listen Petro, what sort of station is this going to be? Music, talk, something else? What sort of music?"

"Well, I hope mostly music, but if we cn manage to pull off some talk shows on interesting topics that would be cool too, oh, and I might like to run some comedy shows as well."

"That sounds cool, but what sort of music?"

Well, for a start, whatever Free music I can find that I halfway like. AS I build up a bigger song library, I will try and refine things. I would like to do a lot if island stuff, but it is a bit hard to find island cuts with Free licenses. I sometimes wonder if it is that we have tended to be so loose with copyrights down in these parts that no one really sees it as important."

"You will have to explain that to me a little more in a bit but right now something smells really good and I need to go and check it out and after that, I am going to see a man about a horse."

(6:32 pm Nov 21, 2006)

Petro thought it smelled good as well and followed Big Byte out into the kitchen.

(7:14 pm Nov 21, 2006)

"Loqui, this was great, thank you so much for bringing me dinner like this."

"I was happy to, let me just go and get everyone's dessert. I'll be right back."

While Loqui was in the kitchen getting the dessert, the phone rang, "I'll get it!" she called out. "Hello, Stone House, who would you like to speak with?"

"Um, is Petrosephas there please?"

"Yes, who's calling?"

"Would you tell him that this is Chloe calling back from London?"

"Um, sure, just a second," she covered the mouthpiece of the phone and leaned her head out of the kitchen door to look at Petro, "Petro, it is some girl named Chloe from London calling for you."

"Oh! I forgot she was supposed to call back. I'll get it in my room."

Petro got up from the dinner table and headed into his bedroom, "Hello Chloe, hi, I've got it thanks Loqui, I'll be out soon."

He heard Loqui put the phone down, "Chloe, I almost forgot you were going to call back, listen, some friends came over and made me dinner as we are still in the middle of it, I am sorry but can you email me the information of could we speak again tomorrow?"

"Well... OK... I guess so. Can't you just spare a few minutes?"

"I could but I really shouldn't, do you mind terribly?"

"Well... I'll call you back tomorrow then, what time will you get home?"

"I should get here around four tomorrow afternoon."

"Right then, I will plan on calling you at four thirty. I have good news."

Petro put the phone down and went back out to eat his guava duff.

"Who was that Petro? I don't think I know her?"

"No, you wouldn't, Chloe is a girl that I met on my last trip up to Briland. She says she want me to come to London to do some modeling for a friend of hers. I think I might go and we are trying to sort out some details."

"Oh, do you think you should?"

"That's the thing, I'm not sure, but the pay sure sounds nice."

They talked some more while finishing up the meal and then moved to the living room and visited a while longer.

(7:57 pm Nov 21, 2006)

Goodnight, gentle reader...

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