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18. Sayings Nov 18 Sat

(9:27 am Nov 18, 2006)

"You're a liar!" (CB Victoria Roberts : DT Her Sisters)

Today looks tough gentle reader. I should not have gone out for my exercise. I needed that time. I am up against it now. I have to get my laptop ready for the gig tonight. I will have to start that by eleven this morning to hope to be done in time to make it ti the write in. Then the write in from noon to two. Then set up and sound check. Then home, then the gig tonight. I may be able to actually write at the write in and I may be able to write some between sound check and the gig. We shall see.

Ouch, just tried to get to ourmedia which is where I have a complete copy of this book stored and where I like to go to skim through it and I can't contact them. Time to change up my process for the rest of the morning. Ah, the pitfalls of trying to write a novel speedily in just thirty days.

I did have an interesting idea last night and this morning though gentle reader. I need to check if it would fit in with the NaNoWriMo rules though. Here is the idea... In the coming year, find a group of others who would be willing to write a NaNo novel next year and release it under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Then, work together on plot, outline, characters and all other pre-writing parts during the lead up to next November. Then in November 2007, we each write our own novel starting with the common base. No further collaboration come November. Then they all get posted for comparison and possible re-integration. That might be a fun experiment. Would you care to join in this experiment gentle reader?

(10:42 am Nov 18, 2006)

I have just learned that that mega yacht is still sailing the high seas. Meetings are still going on it seems. There have been comings and goings during the week as aircraft ferry the players to and fro between the yacht and their daily lives. It seems the players do not want to be missed for too long a stretch in case someone gets, shall we say, interested.

Let us see if we can get a little more insight as to what is going on out there today.

(11:11 am Nov 18, 2006)

"Gentlemen, one of you is a spy. Our operatives have informed us that news of our meetings here on the "Queen Anne's Revenge" and it has to be one of you."

Needless to say, gentle reader, some one set us up da bomb and when this bomb shell dropped, it caused a minor sensation in the dim room.

"What do you mean one of us, how do we know it's not you!"

"Sorry, I meant to say one of us."

"No, no you didn't, you said what you meant and don't try to deny it."

"OK, so one of you then, I know it is not me."

"Well, I know it's not me."

"Not me."

"Me either."

"Quiet, quiet! Look, naturally no one will admit to it. The information that we got back said that it was not one of us in any case."

"Well then, how can you say that it has to be one of us?"

"Well, the information we got back said that the spy was a penguin that was hiding in that microwave oven right there."

Everyone turned to look at the microwave oven.

"That is obviously not credible information so it must be one of you."

"Well, if that is not credible information, how do we know that any of it is?"

"Good question, the reason is that what we said here is available right now out on the internet."

Someone set us up da bomb again. This little bomb shell caused a major sensation.

"What! That will ruin our plans. It is a total disaster!"

"Calm down everyone. It is bad, yes, and we need to find out who the mole is, but all is not lost. We just need to play the paranoia and crack pot cards carefully and we should be able to bring things back to normal. It will cost us, but we can deal with this."

"You know, you are right. No need to panic yet. So, how do we find our little Benedict? Is there a polygraph on board? Drugs?"

"Gentlemen, gentlmen. Please, I for one am not going to be subjected to drugs over this. Will any of you submit? No, we have too many secrets of our own to go that route. I know I do. Is there anyone here not in that boat? Speak up. I didn't think so."

"I suggest we suspend our scheduled meetings and see if we can find an answer to our little dilemma."

(11:31 am Nov 18, 2006)

"Don't throw away an old bucket unless you know the new one is gonna hold water too." (CB Olvin Rees : DT Andros)

(12:03 pm Nov 18, 2006)

Well, I am ensconced in my seat at the write in. So far, I don't see anyone else here. My lunch order just came up. Let's see if eating and writing can work. No, let's not.

(12:16 pm Nov 18, 2006)

Lunch is gone. The lunch is gone away. The only remains is the bottle of factory ice tea before me. Let's go back out to that mega yacht for a bit shall we gentle reader?

It turns out that one of the players was not so easily persuaded about the microwave oven. The microwave oven has been moved. It has been shaken, poked, and prodded, pulled apart and is being put back together. There was no sign of any bugs and certainly no sign of a penguin. Well, if you don't count a slight fishy smell which was no real proof. After all, it could just have been from someone nuking a plate of fish sticks.

Luckily for the good Mr. Tucks, he was not happy in that microwave oven and he had moved his location earlier in the week. I shall not reveal his new hiding place as it is now obvious that the players are on to me. We could be looking at interesting times ahead. Interesting times indeed.

(12:31 pm Nov 18, 2006)

Time for another saying and I am fresh out! How can I get me two more for the day?

"Bahamians tief so much that they had to nail Jesus to the cross." (CB Cheryl Cartwright : DT ??)

Got one from someone doing the write in thing. Once again, I am getting what I need to keep going. That one has some interesting angles.

Loqui had planned on doing some more out door painting today but the light wasn't right and so she decided to stay in and read instead. Read and look for a new life. This thing with Petrosephas was likely to prove a complication though.

She was disappointed that they were never able to get into that cool place last night and she was determined to try again another day.

Ah, gentle reader, I feel like I have had a pretty good run of words here for a while, but I feel those chains trying to sneak in. Actually it might be more like living strips of leather, wet strips of living leather that sneak in and wrap around the mind like a boa and then start to dry. Shrinking and constricting the thoughts as they give up their life giving water. That bit there is fairly well mixed don't you think, gentle reader?

"Zotz, what's happening? You trying to duck us?"

(12:56 pm Nov 18, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, I forgot to bring my camera to the write in but some kind soul was willing to take a few shots on his camera phone and take my email address. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post as a record of this, the first ever NaNo write in in the Bahamas. At least, the first to my knowledge.

I find it a bit odd to be sitting here in the cafe section of a book store. How many words are packaged up and sitting on the shelves in here and yet, the ones I need are playing games. Playing coy. Being elusive. Hard to get.

You may wonder how I can say that, gentle reader, when these words are right here for you to read. The thing is that these are not the words that I am looking for. No, not at all. These are the best substitutes I can find on such short notice and in such a rush. And the thing is, when you have to resort to using substitute words in your tale, it is highly possible that you will end up with a completely different tale than the one you would have told if only you could have found thew words you were searching for when you needed them.

Gentle reader, I fear that this is what is happening to me this year!

(1:05 pm Nov 18, 2006)

I'm OK though, I mean, when it comes to NaNo, words are words if you know what I mean. Substitute words count for just as much as original, genuine words.

(1:23 pm Nov 18, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, I went out to make a phone call and got another saying donated while I was out. I find it amazing how hard it is for people to recall one when they are put on the spot with an unexpected request. I now have all I need to finish up the day.

"Zotz! What's happening? You trying to duck and ignore us now?"

"Bing, Boom, sorry. No. Things just got away from me there. What can I do for you two?"

"Zotz, it's not what you can do for us, it's what we can do for you. Generally we would say something about what a nice novel this is about now. And then we would mention something about what a shame it would be if something happened to it. Unfortunately, we've been reading it and so, being the upright soldiers that we are, we can't honestly tell you that you have a nice novel here. Still, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it don't you think?"

"The old broom always sweeps clean." (CB Kurtwood Greene : DT ??)

"Something like what boys? Are you trying some sort of shakedown on me right here in a public place? I really can't believe it."

"Don't try jump slick with us zotz! You may be sitting in a public place yourself, but we are talking to you right here on the lines of this page in this nice gemstone writing book. there's no one looking over your shoulder right now to see this is there now zotz? I don't even see Gentle."

"You got me there boys. The thing is, if things go well, these words will be up on the internet by tonight, tomorrow at the latest. Are you boys ready to deal with the fallout from that?"

"Zotz, zotz, can't you take a joke? Where is your sense of humour? You need to lighten up. Why don't you take a breather?"

"Guys, I have about ten minutes left for this write in and two hundred more words for the day! I'll take my break when it is time to leave here. If you can call set up and sound check a break. Then home to reach tow thousand and see how much I can type in before the gig tonight."

"Zotz, do we look interested in that? Tell that to Gentle. Oh! Ha ha! I forgot. Gentle has deserted you."

"Boys, boys. Just because you lack the imagination to see my gentle reader right now does not mean that hes is not here."

(1:54 pm Nov 18, 2006)

"Close now boys, close. About one hundred and you can kiss this day goodbye. Colour it done as it were. Two minutes to get one hundred words. Ouch!"

"Zotz, give it up man. Pack it in early. You will never make it!"

"I may not, but I can squeeze out an extra minute or two if I have to. I'm gonna do it before I leave here today!"

"Ha ha zotz, time is up and you did not make it. Loser!"

"Boys, did you two wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Why are you guys acting so mean today? Anyway boys, I just want to say one thing to you two. Just remember that he who laughs last, laughs best! HA! HA! HA!"

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