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16. Sayings Nov 16 Thu

(4:20 pm Nov 16, 2006)

(4:42 pm Nov 16, 2006)

I am trying, gentle reader, I am trying.

(5:12 pm Nov 16, 2006)

No, really, I am. I don't know what has happened again today. I thought after yesterday that things might finally begin to pick up this year but things seem to have taken several steps back today.

"Hey zotz, how you doin' ma bruddah?"

"Boom, is Bing with you or are you two hanging separate today?"

"Oh, he'll be along any minute now I figure. So, stop duckin' - how are you?"

"Right here, right here. How are you?"

"Oh, I'm just fine. I dropped in because I saw you were fighting with those blocks again. Is there anything I can do for you today?"

"Well, Bruddah Boom, I would like to know if you and Bing knew about those two dragons messing with my characters behind my back."

"Now, zotz, don't take this wrong, but I do not recall."

"How can you not recall Boom?"

"I don't know zotz, I don't think we knew anything like that. I mean, if I did I think I would have told you about it, but I'm just not sure. Like I say, I don't recall."

(5:54 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Petrosephas had been at home all day and he was going a little bit stir crazy. He knew he should not have gone out last night to meet Loqui after seeing the doctor. he shouldn't have, and he feared that he would pay a high price for it, but, no matter how high, he felt sure that it would be more than worth it.

Well, if things worked out that is. He did feel quite hopeful after last night, even if it did end up being a chaperoned date.

"So zotz, which characters were Nano and Drake messing with? Not Petro and Loqui, I take it, they seem to be doing fine lately, wouldn't you agree."

"That's just the thing Boom, I heard something the other day while showing gentle reader here their secret secret, under under ground laboratory. Something I am sure they never intended me to hear. I am not sure exactly what they were up to but they seem to have been doing something to keep Petro and Loqui apart and it seems that those two only got together because the two dragons messed up recently. The thing that really gets me though is that I think I overheard them planning to try and do something to break up Petro and Loqui after they have started making progress."

"No! No way zotz! Hey wouldn't do that."

"I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't seen and heard them for myself. I mean, it is almost like they are trying to wreak my novel this year. If Loqui and Petro don't make any progress, I am not sure how I am going to make any progress with 'Sayings'. I will have to take desperate measures. Perhaps one of those desperate measures should be to get rid of those dragons somehow."

(6:37 pm Nov 16, 2006)

"Gal! Ya more scarce than gold!" (CB Petral Clarke : DT ??)

(7:23 pm Nov 16, 2006)

"Zotz, you simply have to quit going off to la la land like that if you want to get through this tonight."

"OK, look, I am gonna try and sprint out some major quantities of wordliness right now Boom so try not to pay attention. It might hurt. Oh no, not you gentle reader, this is meant for you and it is guaranteed not to hurt readers. Well, not too much at least!"

(7:31 pm Nov 16, 2006)

First, let's listen in on a part of a phone conversation between two persons unnamed.

"But Mum, you said you would be back by now, I have some things I want to talk to you about."

"I know lovey, I intended to be back, but some unexpected issues came up that I had to deal with so I am not going to make it back for a least a few days."

"Mum, you promised."

"I'm sorry luv. I couldn't help it. I will come back as soon as I can. Cheer up, take some friends out to dinner, my treat."

"Sure Mum, fine."

Watch out! oh No! What was that? A Spontaneous Chicken Situation? I have heard of them before but never though I would actually see one in person. Are you alright gentle reader? I have hears of spontaneous combustion and spontaneous combruction, but I never dreamed of this. Who knew that this is what a Spontaneous Chicken Situation was like? None of the rumours even hinted at this.

All your base are belong to us so please, someone set up us the bomb.

No, gentle reader, I shall not tell you about Spontaneous Chicken Situations in Soviet Russia. And don't ask about hot grits or business plans and ??? and profit!

(7:50 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Not much of a sprint so far, gotta buckle down.

My luck must be running out. I am not winning the lottery as much in my copious quantities of daily spam. For a while there, I was winning millions of dollars a minimum of several times a week. I would have liked to give some of my millions to charity but they all seem to warn me not to let on about my luck to anyone until everything is complete. The thing is, I am not sure I want to win that much in a lottery I haven't actually purchased tickets for. It just doesn't seem right. Something seems a bit fishy if you know what I mean.

(8:01 pm Nov 16, 2006)

I am getting a bunch of spam in languages I don't understand though. As a matter of fact, in character sets which I can only guess at.

(8:07 pm Nov 16, 2006)

I am desperate too.

Well it's just one more, white rabbit game

Yes it's just one more, white rabbit game

But I can't play it baby

It just keeps messin' with my brain

(8:13 pm Nov 16, 2006)

"For the want of company, in comes trumpery" (CB Stephanie Ritchie : DT ??)

(8:50 pm Nov 16, 2006)

"Oh, zotz..."

"Look I'm fighting it OK! Leave me be for now. Please!"

No, not you gentle reader. Please, stay. Sit for a while. Have something cold. Or something hot.

The brain is licked up tight. I have to ramble if I have to but the brain doesn't even want to let me ramble. I will resist! With every fibre of my being. I will write. I will not stop writing. I will write till I reach my goal! I will.

I will write even if I have to ramble on for a thousand words. And not a thousand words on a thousand nights. And not a thousand words on the lips of a thousand knights. Not a thousand words on the lips of a thousand knights at night even. No! A thousand words on a single night. And not s single Knight around.

Oh no, gentle reader, these knights you see here are all married knights. There is not a single knight around the lot.

And no, none of the nights in question are Arabian nights and before you ask, none of the Knights are Arabian either. There is a knight here from the area around Kabul, but he traces his roots back to the Khans.

(9:00 pm Nov 16, 2006)

How is that for an opening rabble? Good one, eh?

No, none of these knights are Knights of the Day either. That is a different story. At least so far, I think, and I hope it shall remain so.

My rambling got sidetrakcee again, Google almost did me in. Looking for Khan pictures and a disturbance in the time fields snuck up on me and pounced. I managed to fight it off after a major struggle though.

Let's see, Loqui had a great time last night. First with her cousin who was charming and was always fun to be around and then with "poor Petro" who showed up on crutches with his ankle taped. He hobbled in late and apologized. He asked if they were enjoying them selves and if the food and the service was to their liking.

Loqui said that hers was fantastic and wanted to know how he knew about this place the neither she nor her cousin had ever even heard of before. She noticed that Petro had looked a little uncomfortable when she asked that. He looked down and said something about it being new and by invitation only.

(9:19 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Overall, she thought that the evening had been lovely and she was looking forward to going out with Petro again. This time without her cousin and hopefully without crutches.

She wanted to go back to that restaurant again too and try some of the other dishes that she had seen on the menu.

(9:23 pm Nov 16, 2006)

"Bullfrog dressed up in soldier's clothes." (CB Lia Ritchie : DT ??)

Watch out fa dem crows froggy, dey ga yuck up ya wexation! Tings ain't ga turn out good fa you!

I tell you dat! Me, myself, an I tell you dat. Das tree vitness. You bes pay heed ta dat.

(9:33 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Gotta ramp up the rambling again.

One thousand words, halfway home. The ramblalator. Ramble on over here. Gonna ramble again. On a Thursday night. No, I don't know any Knight named Thursday. I do know this metal worker who names all of his Welds after a day of the week though. Wednesday, I think it is. yes, he is a Bahamian welder. Why do you ask?

(9:37 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Yes, half a thousand words of ramblation and still going strong. Ramble man. Big Red Rambler.

Can she make a cherry pie, charming Billy?

London Bridge is falling down, My fair lady.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?

Georgie Porgie, puddin' and pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry.

(9:52 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Seems that rambler is slowing down in his rambles. Yes, well, perhaps I will go a roving instead then.

Let's see, where shall I go a roving? A roving and a wandering. Yes, gentle reader, I really am wondering where I sould go wandering. I am also wondering if I have used this poor excuse for a joke before. I am not sure it matters, I am not taking the time now to go back and check and I am not leaving it out just in case. So, if I have used it before, groan again like you did the first time and be glad that you are not writing your novel in an IRC channel.

So, let's go a roving over the sea, down New Zealand way where I hear there are icebergs a roving around.

No, you don't want to go there? Too cold? OK, how about we try something closer to home. How about Kissimmee? 192?

(10:04 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Looks like a roving and a wandering is a dry well, back to rambling. Just a scant couple hundred more words for the day and we can hit the sack. Hit it like it's hard. Hard like dat. Hard like Saturday night. Uptown, downtown, fighting, carrying on, rambling, cruising, roaching, sporting, Saturday night. Just alright.

No, no, no. We have encountered time warps and temporal black holes, and rips in the very fabric of time, time unfolded even. but is not Saturday night right up in now. It is still Thursday night. Thankfully.

(10:11 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Good thing I didn't note down the time a minute before.

Yeah, good thing you didn't step in the time either.

Can you actually step in time that has not yet been unfolded? Can you eat time if it has been seasoned right? If you threw time up against a wall, would it stick? I mean if you threw it really hard like. Really really hard like. No, really!

If I gave you a single strand of time, I am sure that you could easily break it. If I were to give you seven strands of time one at a time, I am sure you could easily break all seven one after the other. But if I were to give you seven strands of time, expertly woven together, I doubt you could break them no matter how hard you tried.

(10:17 pm Nov 16, 2006)

Yes, well, so? I bet some of those old time ladies down by the straw market could weave seven strands of time for me just fine.

Goodnight, gentle reader. Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

(10:21 pm Nov 16, 2006)

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