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10. Sayings Nov 10 Fri

(8:02 am Nov 10, 2006)

"Ya look like "come-here-lemme-fix-ya"! (CB Randy Albury : DT Cindy Albury, lol)

(8:38 am Nov 10, 2006)

Look like I get fix eh, gentle reader? There are times in life when you think you are going to do one thing, but no.

I was wanting to write from six this morning and perhaps get most of the days words out and down by nine. So much for that great plan. The thing is, I am supposed to go to some big music ta do tonight at eight. I need to get these words produced. Hmmm, is there a word factory anywhere? A word wholesaler might be good enough. I don't want to mess with a word retailer though. Buying your words at retail can get very expensive, very fast.

Now understand, when I say buying words at retail, I am not talking about going into some book store some where and buying a book from the shelf. No, when you do that, even though there may be words in that book that you buy. And even though you buy the book at retail, you are not buying the words! At best, you are getting some rights to the words such as to read them from the pages of the book. But don't kid yourself, check out the pages near the front of the book. Look for a copyright notice. Those words are not yours to do with as you please!

Now, gentle reader, if you ever get a printed or final copy of these words I am producing for our mutual benefit, you will see that I am using what is yet an unusual copyright notice and license combination.

With these words, gentle reader, with this book, you get much more "ownership" in the words themselves. Well, nit exactly "ownership" but you get much more rights to copy, derive, sell, re-use, and etc. these words than the words of most books you will find in a book store today.

(8:48 am Nov 10, 2006)

Let's hope that time co-incidence doesn't rear its ugly head this morning.

But I digress, recursively I might add! So, as I was saying, I wonder if there is a word factory around somewhere. A place that produces words, words that I can purchase at a reasonable cost and quickly throw together in some semblance of order to carry on the thrilling action of this fast paced, suspenseful, laugh out loud, funny novel. (That's just a little added extra to make the job of reviewers a little easier.)

Let me check google for 'word factory' and see how many hits I get on that phrase this morning.

I guess I should write that Google and respect their trademarks. I will fix that in the edit and then this sentence might get confusing unless I surgically remove it in the same or a subsequent edit. I could remove it in a prior edit, but then I might forget to make the fix.

[Results 1 - 10 of about 6,040,000 for 'word factory'. (0.21 seconds)]

Oops, I then searched for "word factory" and got vastly different results:

[Results 1 - 10 of about 153,000 for "word factory". (0.32 seconds)]

Mind you, in bot searched, some PR, publicity and writing firm was the top hit.

A quick glance through the front page doesn't bring hope. None of those hits as of this date look promising for my needs.

(8:59 am Nov 10, 2006)

(1:58 pm Nov 10, 2006)

"Every tub will have to stand their own bottom when the rain fall" (CB Vernitta Pennerman : DT Frank "Ole P" Edwards)

Ah, the block, the chains, I feel them creeping near.

Big Bill was at the track. The sun was bright and the sky was blue. The air was fresh and there was a coolness in it that hinted at the end of the summer heat.

Bill was coaching some under eighteen boys this afternoon. They were working on their starting technique.

Bill had high hopes for some of the young men he coached. Perhaps one day they could do for the men of the country what the women had already done. Perhaps Bahamian men would one day soon take the top podium for the four by one hundred meter relay when the world met to compete. Gold. Soon. Perhaps soon and very soon.

He tried to give his whole attention to the men on the track, but James was on his mind. He had to focus. How could he teach these young men to focus like they needed to if he could not? How could he expect them to shut out all the distractions that existed at the big events and to shut out all other thoughts except the simple here and now if he couldn't do the same on a sunny afternoon at home?


(2:09 pm Nov 10, 2006)

Loqui was back up at the eastern end of the island this afternoon, her easel was set up and the picture of Rose Island was set upon it. She had brought a picnic lunch with her today packed in a basket and she was just finishing up her sandwich and carrot sticks.

She packed the lunch things away and stood up to continue working.

Thoughts of Petro danced in and out of her consciousness.


(2:17 pm Nov 10, 2006)

She was working from the scene before her and a photograph which she had taken on the day she began the paining. And from memory. She needed the photograph and her memory to put in the sloop that was in the scene when she started but was long gone by now.

It was a Haitian sloop, painted a bright white, red at the waterline and an aquamarine stripe running along its length at the top of the hull. It had its while sails hoisted on its characteristic short mast and longer boom.

There was a time when Bahamian sloops had plied these waters for trade. No longer.

You could still see the local sloops when they raced in the regattas around the country, but the days of working native sloops were long gone.

Unlike the Haitian sloops, the Bahamian sloops carried masts that were taller in relation to their length, and that were taller then their booms.

(2:39 pm Nov 10, 2006)

(3:49 pm Nov 10, 2006)

"Shut mouth catch no flies." (CB Melvina Roberts : DT ??)

I think the procrastination bug has just bit me big time.

I not only am not writing right now. I don't feel like writing right now. I feel like poking around the web. What is it we used to call it when I started? Surfing? Remember Cool Site of the Day? I think I may still have some diskettes with the software that the ISP supplied kicking around here somewhere.

Now, granted, I was into the BBS scene before I ever got on the net. And my first half taste of the internet was a dial up waffle board that only really did internet email in batches. It dialed up long distance to Puerto Rico twice a day to send any outgoing mail and to pick up an incoming mail that was waiting there. But man oh man! When a buddy called me on a Friday afternoon with the news that a real ISP was due to open on the following Monday morning? Man, I was all over that like white on rice! Dial up gone to bed!

(4:05 pm Nov 10, 2006)

What were some of those early search engines? I remember using Webcrawler before AltaVista came on the scene and caused a stir. I remember wanting to figure out gopher and WAIS but never getting around to getting good at them. I remember spending too much time with usenet. I wonder if those old postings are still kicking about out there in the electron storms.

Perhaps electron storm is a poor choice of words, if those posts are still kicking around somewhere at this point in time, they are most likely to be magnetically encoded somewhere at this point, don't you think?

I wonder if Petro was around on the net back then. I might need to delve into his past a bit more and find out. And I guess while I am at it, I should check up on Loqui as well. You know it is a funny thing. These are people you create out of whole cloth and yet there are things about them you don't even know. On top of that, there are things about them that you do know but keep forgetting. And then, to top it off, just when you think you are getting to know them well, they go and do something out of the blue that surprises you. How crazy is that!

(4:22 pm Nov 10, 2006)

The thing is, gentle reader, that we are on the tenth day of this fantastic novel writing quest and I am right around the twenty thousand word mark for the month so far and right around the fifteen hundred word mark for today. We have met a number of characters and learned a few interesting things about them. But still the blockage and the heavy chain issues remain. Will they lighten up as we move into the second weekend? We can hope.

(4:27 pm Nov 10, 2006)

"Straight like Crooked Island." (CB Patty Thompson : DT ??)

(5:22 pm Nov 10, 2006)

Well, back from walking the dogs.

Well, Petro had made it home before the traffic today. He put on his running clothes and hit the road. He was up around the point where Loqui had been painting earlier in the day. He liked it up this way. He veered off the road and went out to the small sea wall. He stretched for a short while. By a strange coincidence, he sat down on the sea wall in the exact location that Loqui had been sitting earlier.

Somewhere deep inside, a fundamental frequency adjusted a bit.

Bruno, currently sitting on a beach in Exuma, sensed this and smiled.

(5:33 pm Nov 10, 2006)

Now, Bruno wasn't just sitting on the beach. No, he was sitting there with a bunch of musicians. There was a fire going strong and the music was pumping. Jumping. Throbbing. Pounding. needless to say, the big drums were out. Bruno liked this just fine.

Petro started humming a tune.

I love you.

But you won't talk to me.

I need you.

But you refuse to see.

My true heart.

Is yours eternally.

I's made for you.

And you was made for me.

Hmmm, just when he might be getting a little tune, now he might have to rewrite the thing.

Well, gentle reader, the rush is on... over two hundred words needed to finish and time is running out. I found out today that that eight o'clock music deal is to be preceded by a seven o'clock dinner deal at the same location with family. Deadlines and commitments. Oh my.

(5:43 pm Nov 10, 2006)

(5:43 pm Nov 10, 2006)

Island songs of jubilation

Island songs in the sun

Island songs of jubilation

Days and nights are never done

[Long began to acquire a reputation on campus. People would come for help on tough assignments and with deep thoughts. To his delight, Long found that he had a knack for putting things into understandable terms for people willing to listen. By the end of his first year, Long had a considerable savings account from the grateful gifts of his thankful classmates. The IRS began quiet inquiries into the source of the funds along with the DEA. Long was unaware... Long Tall, Taxman: ten years after graduation and Long had been a taxman for eight years. He still refused to remember how he had been roped into becoming one. What choice had he had?]

Well it's a magic moonlight night

All the stars are shining bright

All the people laugh and sing

I'm going to tell you anything

It takes to make you love me

Anything to make you see

That I'm the one for you now

And girl you are the one for me

[A major medical scandal has recently been brought to my attention! It seems that there is a low down, unsavoury element in our fine country that thinks little of preying on those poor, unfortunate, lightweights amoung us. In this expose, I will take you through the sordid underworld where you will encounter people (if they can reasonably be called people) and events of a nature as to cause your skin to crawl. I ask that those with sensitive stomachs read no further. And what exactly is going on that it a cause for so much concern? There has been an explosion of bogus weight gain clinics throughout the land! Read on for more shocking details!]

Night's illusion calls on quiet breezes

She sends her scents upon the warm and sultry winds

Drawing lonely souls across the gulf of time

[Raji was born in the Punjab one year to the day before his first birthday. His mother maintained that this was just luck but his father held to the theory that it was a sign from the gods that Raji was to attain greatness in later life.]

[Rock grew up into his name. This is a rare occurrence. That is, you will seldom find a person who is his name but Rock Hunter was a rock hunter. He never made any conscious decision while growing up to become a rock hunter on a professional basis. It just sort of happened naturally.]

[The uses of the modern rubber band are many. A case in point: "101 uses for a dead rubber band" has been on the best sellers list for the last ten months. No one has yet managed to scrape together the courage to attempt to compile a complete and unabridged listing of the uses for an unexpired rubber band.]

[Rolex was a special dog. He lived alone in a three bedroom, two story house, on a canal front lot on Miami Beach. His boat, "Long Enough" was moored at the dock near the pool. It had twin 235HP. Evinrude V6s on the stern. Such a boat. Such a watchdog!]

[Melody arrived at about a quarter to seven in the P.M. It was raining lightly. There was what appeared to be a light mist around the street lights as she pulled up to the curb in her Alfa Romeo Spyder Veloce. It seemed strange at the time that she arrived with the top down and even more strange that she chose to leave it down as she got out of the car and walked up to the front door.]

(5:53 pm Nov 10, 2006)


(5:53 pm Nov 10, 2006)

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