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09. Sayings Nov 09 Thu

(4:40 pm Nov 09, 2006)

"I feel all kerpunckle up!" (CB Ron Lightbourn : DT ??)

(5:57 pm Nov 09, 2006)

"You really cookin' wit gas today zotz!"

"Hey Bing. Please, I don't need that sort of encouragement."

"Why, what's wrong? You all kerpunckle up?"

"No, but I might as well be. Did either of you guys have a change of heart and work on a time line and scene summaries for me? Could I be so lucky?"

"Sorry, no such luck with me zotz, you do anything I don't know about Boom?"

"No way, not me Bing. We told that boy that he needed to do those sorts of things himself or else to hire someone to do it for him. Don't look at me zotz. Why are you getting such a late start today anyway?"

"Well, I went in to work this morning, then I had lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in ages, then I cam home and took a little nap and got some bed rest as per the doctor's orders. The it was feed the dogs time. Then I re-read what I had written so far with the intention of making up a time line and scene notes like I asked you to do for me. Well, I got the reading part done, but no time line and no scene notes. Oh, and in the middle there somewhere, I had to walk the dogs. So, once again I am getting a very late start to my writing day and I am up against the wall."

"I am sure Boom and I are sorry to hear that zotz and that we both wish you speedy fingers and a nimble mind with your writing endeavours tonight. One thing though, that sounded too close to complaining so you better watch yourself or you will be in that bad place again. You don't wanna be there tonight zotz. Not with starting so late. I think you really need to try and get done early tonight zotz and go to bed early. Then you need to wake up early and try writing early in the morning. Don't you have a busy night tomorrow zotz? Some country music function? If you try pulling this late start tomorrow zotz, you are toast!"

(6:10 pm Nov 09, 2006)

As we have mentioned in passing before, Doc and Nipps are up in Abaco, Guana to be precise. Now Doc is a mosquito and Nipps is a sand fly. Now those of you who know Guana may think that it is obvious why a mosquito and a sand fly are doing up in Guana, but you would most likely not only be mistaken, but greatly surprised.

You see, on this particular occasion, they were not up there making the peoples lives miserable as was their habit and the habit of their kinds and as the other mosquitoes and sand flies up there were doing. No, they were up there trying to organize. Trying to get the rest of the mosquitoes and sand flies to form some sort of effective union or voting block or some other cohesive unit to help them better their common lot.

(6:20 pm Nov 09, 2006)

There was a meeting coming up a little later and they were trying to go over their notes and make any last minute additions. It would have been nice to have had the meeting earlier so that they could get some rest before leaving for the capitol in the morning.

"Time longer than rope." (CB Charlotte Constantakis : DT ??)

The thing is, the rest of the skeeters and nippers were out working the evening right now.

The both re-read 'Pole Beans and Hot Days' and discussed the example of Cephas and made copious notes. then they re-read 'The Vegetable Plot' and how Cephas had turned up in Briland and tried to organize the vegetables up t hat way with the help of the R potatoes. Cephas was perhaps a little too desperate at that point in his life. Or perhaps he had been a little deranged even. Still, there was a lot to learn there. They made still more notes and talked things over once again.

Now, gentle reader, just in case you are quick and wondering, this Cephas is not our Petrosephas. Aside from the 'S' and the 'C' difference, Cephas is known as Cephas whilst petrosephas is known as Petro. No need to be confused at all. Just thing Cephas and Petro and things should be fine.

(6:30 pm Nov 09, 2006)

Strange temporal coincidences there don't you think gentle reader?

Gentle reader, I am desperate here so I am going to resort to a little odd interlude. I am going to give you some excerpts from old writings that may supply background or insights into some of these characters. Some from 'Sayings' and some from 'Tings' and some just related to them.

[Jelli was reminded of another short man he had once met, a man enthralled by 1066. Hamilton's beach. Whether it was the shortness or the maleness that prompted the memory, Jelli could not decide, but he was sure that it would come clear if only he could achieve resonance. In his lifetime, he had never yet achieved resonance, but he was certain that he would one day unlock the secret. In the meantime, he tried to find ways to adjust his natural wavelength.]

[Bruno was a beat, and to be honest, the life of a beat was becoming more and more difficult with each day that passed. Sometimes, Bruno would find himself in a daze for days on end. Often he had serious doubts as to whether he could go on any longer. More and more often, he found himself in a blue funk. During his early years, Bruno had been a fairly mellow beat but adolescence comes to everyone. In his early teens, Bruno had taken to hanging out with the wrong crowd. His parents warned him that if he didn't take care he would soon be just like them. His parents were right, it wasn't long before Bruno had become a back beat.]

"Do as I say not as I do." (CB John Constantakis : DT ??)

(6:50 pm Nov 09, 2006)

Strange temporal doings indeed!

[Ringo loved post-it notes. No one was quite sure how this situation had developed but no one could contest its veracity! And besides, who would want to? If Ringo said that he loved post-it notes and ordered them by the case, who was to complain? Certainly not John Q. Turbot, local and international door-to-door post-it note salesman! No siree Bob, you can have all the notes you want. Just call John Q. Turbot and hold on to your scuppers. You could get your cases of notes by next day's U.P.S.]

[Rumelga Prue found Ringo Bob fascinating. She would sit rocking on her front porch in the cool breeze and dream of Ringo. Dream of romantic, candle-light dinners, of warm days and a lonely sailor's breeze. But Ringo never called...]

[Blue is a most significant colour in the monumental scheme of things. It is very prominent in movies and song. I especially like the references to blue in song. Then, of course, there is the case of fabrics and, more importantly still, thread. There has been much research by those of intellectual persuasion into the significance of the colour blue. In fact, just the other day I heard that the blue wavelengths of light focus in front of the retina. Just an interesting tid-bit.]

[Historically there has been grass roots level support for such a proposition but little support from official channels. Events of late point to a change in official policies. There have been rumours for several months now and we know that what is rumoured for several months cannot fail to shortly come to pass. It is therefore with great optimism that we begin to formulate our plans to get tied in securely to the very core of the boom that will surely follow the establishment of the blue thread factory.]

[Now that I am older and wiser, I can look back over my life and see that I have had encounters with dragons from the days of my earliest memories, only I was too naive to recognize the evidence of their presence and sinister activities. I would venture to say that the majority of people alive on the face of the earth today have been in the presence of Dragons on numerous occasions, but, because of their clever wiles, were unable to recognize the obvious.]

[Here, we are dealing with Curtain Climbing as a sport and not as a general activity. Two of the Zotzbrothers had invented the sport in Fantasy during the production of a Fantasy News broadcast for WFIT. It was at this point that the Annual Championships were assigned to Cornstalk Colorado. It became a sport in fact, when, as we said in the previous section, Coon Skin Cap first climbed a curtain for sport while in Nassau. He received a spanking for his misbehavior at the time. It is apparent that later, the Magic Hat had something to do with helping him over his depression.]

(7:04 pm Nov 09, 2006)

Great! I was getting worried about those times there. Good to see things are back to being closer to normal.

Well, gentle reader, I hope that was not too much to cope with. Don't worry! You are not going to be tested on that information. No. Not at all. But if it sits in the back of your mind somewhere, you may be reading along one day and something I write may ring a bell in your head.

"Stop playin bey! (CB: Cindy Albury DT: Randy Albury)

Some People!

Friends, I need to warn you tonight about... some people!

Some people want... some people want things... some people want things that don't belong to them.

Some people friends, some people want things that are yours.

Listen to me now my friends.

Some people want your things!

Some people, don't want to ask... Some people don't want to give you the chance to be generous.

Some people want to take... without asking! Take your things! Take 'em without asking.

You gotta watch out! Watch out friends... watch out for these takers!

Some people... some people they lie and cheat and steal. Some people plot! Oh yes they do. Listen to me friends! Some people plot.

Some people lie awake at night and plot on how they can deceive you and rob you of your good things.

You gotta watch out for these people.

(8:40 pm Nov 09, 2006)

You gotta watch out! For some people.

Friends, there's something else... something else that some people will do to you... oh, yes there is!

Some people... some people will roach you! You gotta watch out! Watch out for some people.

Friends... don't you be like some people tonight. No! Don't be like them.

Some people... some people will pretend... oh yes they will! Some people will pretend... Some people will smile up in your face.

You know it's true now don't you friends. Lie up in your face and roach you. Roach you and take your good things besides. Gotta watch out!

Oh friends, listen to me tonight. Watch out for... some people.

Now friends, I know that you're not like... some people. Oh no. Not like some people at all. Not at all.

Some people... some people smile and wink and point their toes and nod their heads. Ya gotta watch out! For some people.

Watch out when some people smile and wink and point their toes. Watch out!

Watch out when some people incline their heads in diverse directions... Diverse directions! Watch out for them diverse directions friends.

Friends, tonight... tonight when you lay your tired head down on your pillow... some people... some people will be plotting... Watch out! For some people.

Some people. Some people never have enough. Some people belly never full. Some people purse never full. No matter how much they eat! No matter how much they put in their purse! Some people belly and purse never full.

Watch out! For some people.

(8:55 pm Nov 09, 2006)

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