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07. Sayings Nov 07 Tue

(10:24 am Nov 07, 2006)

"You think you can sleep all day and howl all night." (CB Elspeth Johnson : DT Donald Joss)

Petro woke up late and confused.

For the longest time last night after he got home, he was unable to calm his mind and get to sleep.

Was the ice broken last night? He could not make up his mind. After he had seated himself again at her request, he had decided to not push things and had gone back to his thoughts and enjoying the night and the moon and the salty air. Loqui and her friends sat on the other end of the bench and talked quietly. Every once in a while, he could hear her gentle laughter.

After an hour or so, he had stood up and bade her party good night. Then he smiled her way before turning and walking back along the dock.

(10:31 am Nov 07, 2006)

(4:47 pm Nov 07, 2006)

(5:41 pm Nov 07, 2006)

"Ooooh, zotz, what happened there?"

"Hello to you too Bing, hey there Boom. One of them there temporal black holes must have appeared in the vicinity for a bit. Let's just hope all is back to normal, shall we?"

"Yeah, sure zotz, didn't anyone ever tell you that you need to take responsibility for your life?"

"Hey Bing. Go take a long walk off a short pier."

"Zotz, if you wasn't my friend from long time, talking to me like that could get dangerous. Know what I mean? And you, of all people should know."

"Oh, I know Bing, I know."

"You are way behind zotz, way behind. You know that, don't you?"

"I know, I know. Will you stop talking so I can think Bing? My mind is all cluttered. I am struggling to write two thousand words a day, how do some of those NaNo writers write so much so fast?"

"You talking to me like that again zotz? Boom, I'm gonna go outside for a while and get some fresh air. Why don't you talk to our friend zotz here and explain the facts to him. Set him straight as it were."

"OK, Bing, go on out and cool down. I'll try and talk some sense to him. But don't go getting your hopes up. You know our boy. Hard head bird don't make good soup, ya know."

Bing walkes out of the room.

"Oh Boom, not you too. Can't you two crabs cut me a break?"

"Zotz, what you need is an attitude adjustment. I'm telling you this as a friend. Don't mind Bruddah Bing, he just gets cranky some times is all. But you do need an attitude adjustment."

"What are you talking about Boom? I am doing the best that I can here."

"That may or may not be so, I don't want to get into that with you now. What is so, is the almost from the break, you have been doing some serious complaining. You follow? Too much complaining if you ask me. Zotz, if this book is too much for you this year, give it up."

"Now zotz, we knew a few days ago that giving up was going through your mind, and back then, if you had mentioned it, I was all set to be a rah rah boy and convince you that you could do it and to go on. But even though you are doing it. You have made your goal every day, haven't you?"

(5:58 pm Nov 07, 2006)

"Live and let live." (CB: Clyde Symonette: DT Angeline Clarke)

"Yes Boom, I have made my 'official' goal everyday. I missed my 'unofficial' goal of double days on the weekends, but such is life in the tropics."

"Right, but even though you are doing it, this constant stream of complaints and looking at the bad side is tiring. Enough already, get over it. Plus, and listen to me good now zotz, our interruptions and our other little, shall we call them contributions, are helping you to get your word count up. So far from distracting you and causing you grief, we are in fact helping in a big way. I don't really blame Bing for being a bit upset with you, you need to show a little more appreciation."

"You know what Boom, you are right. I will try and do a bit better. If I can just shake this sickness."

"Zotz, you should try and do better even if that sickness keeps dogging you for the whole month.""Boom! Don't say things like that to me! That is a scary thought."

(6:06 pm Nov 07, 2006)

Loqui was sitting in her apartment working on a little pencil sketch of Petro. She was using it as a means of sorting through her confused thoughts and emotions after what had happened last night.

She could not ever remember a time in her life when she had been more embarrased than she had been last night when he looked up and she realized who she had been talking to.

He had been so kind and considerate when he saw her unease in offering to go like that and leave his spot to her and her friends.

Now, where was she? She had felt secure in not talking to him and in her reasons for doing so, but now, she had spoken to him. Could she go back to not speaking to him again? A part of her wanted desperately to. Wanted things to be as they were before last night. But was that level of rudeness beyond the pale?

Now that she looked at her sketch, she thought he was kind of cute, in an odd sort of way. There was something about his eyes. Something she had not noticed before on a conscious level. But, if she were to trust that she had captured him honestly, and she did, she must have seen it none the less.

Something of the boy he used to be still hid there. She sensed some odd sort of humour and a kindness mixed in with danger. She smiled.

(6:24 pm Nov 07, 2006)

"Plenty laughter, plenty tears." (CB Steve Johnson : DT Buck Johnson)

(7:44 pm Nov 07, 2006)

Tonight, Petro was out at the Rest. Having dinner with some friends from out Love Beach way. He was still flying a bit high after having a great day. He was still a bit confused, but after tossing things about in his head after waking up, he decided that he thought that the ice really had been broken last night and that his best course of action would be to keep things low key. To go slowly and see how things went from here. That decision had buyed his spirits and he had gone in to work with a smile. WWNNSNMSNM.

"You seem chipper tonight Petro, something you want to share with us?" asked Dave.

"It shows huh? Well, I am not sure how much I want to say, but let's just say that it involves a girl and that there has been a sort of a breakthrough lately."

"Anyone we know?" said Sarah.

"Oh I think you may know her or her people, but I don't want to say too much as it was a very minor breakthrough and it might be unseemly for me to make something of it at this point."

"Wellll," mused Sarah, "I hope something comes of it soon or you find someone else to get serious about Petro. I have a feeling that you are getting to the point in your life where it would do you good to stop casting such a wide net."

"Sarah! How can you say that to me? I am not some local Don Juan. You know me better than that."

"You are right there, but you are not some stay at home bachelor either. Are you?"

"Not exactly, no, but why do you say it is time for me to settle down?"

"I can't exactly say. It is just a bit of a feeling I have. You know me and my feelings though. What do you think Dave?"

(8:04 pm Nov 07, 2006)

"Oh, I don't know Sarah. Some people shouldn't settle down too soon."

"True, but some people never settle down at all and some wait too long before doing so and live to regret it."

"And you think Petro is heading towards being one of the latter my dear one?"

"I don't know if I think that, but I do feel it. He is at that point in life if you ask me. Don't you see it? And Dave, please, cout out the 'dear one' line for the night, will you?"

"Hey, Hey! Can you two stop discussion me like this right in front of me? Can we talk about something else?"

"Sorry Petro," responded Dave, "ok, so, why did you go up to Briland for the weekend and did you have a good time and did you meet anyone new and interesting?"

"Well, I would rather not say why I went up there, because it is connected to that girl I mentioned earlier. I had a good time, but not a great time. I found an interesting book on the shelf in the house I was staying in. you might want to read it when I am done. And I did meet two new interesting people while I was up there. A jet set girl from England named Chloe and a strange sort of guy named Bruno."

(8:21 pm Nov 07, 2006)

"What happened, your head jam eh?" (CB Damien Farmer : DT ??)

(9:45 pm Nov 07, 2006)

Bill and Franke had been sitting in Bill's house for a few hours now watching the US election coverage. They kept switching from channel to channel from time to time to see the different styles of coverage. That said, they weren't really paying close attention to the tube as they were really hashing over any ideas they could come up with for ways of helping James with his 'situation'.

Franke could not see any solution that made him happy. Bill's idea about finding some contacts and some angle and to work things out so that James could do some easy time in the US was not sitting well with him.

He trusted Bill greatly and Bill had come through for him on plenty of times in the past. Still, letting his boy do time in some foreign country did not feel right.

Bill liked Franke a lot. If he were willing to do something that he was not willing to do, he could have made a few simple calls and James would be out of trouble once again until the next time. The thing is, those calls and the requests he would have to make of the people on the other end of the lines were things he was not willing to do for anyone outside of his family.

He almost felt a twinge of regret about this, but in fact, he felt in his heart that if James did not learn a few important lessons soon, that he would be geting himself in really big trouble before too long.

(10:07 pm Nov 07, 2006)

It wasn't looking for the republicans so far tonight. And it wasn't really looking like things were likely to get better.

"Franke, I know this is not an easy thing to get your head around and I don't think you should make up your mind any time soon, but I do think you shoule keep an open mind about it for the time being. If either of us come up with a better idea in the meantime, good."

When Petro walked in his front door, the phone was ringing.

"Speak to me."

"Hello, may I speak with Petrosephas Stone please?"

"Yes, who's calling?"

"Petro, is that you? It's me, Chloe!"

"Chloe? How did you get my number?"

"Oh, after you left, I asked around the settlement until I found someone who knew you and they put me in touch with someone who gave me your number."

"So, you're calling me from Briland?"

"No, I just got back to London yesterday. I have still not adjusted to the time change and I was restless and thinking about you so I thought I would call. I called a few times earler but I only got your machine and didn't bother to leave a message. I wanted to talk to you in person."

After a thoughtful pause Petro said, "It's nice to hear from you, what's up?"

(10:20 pm Nov 07, 2006)

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