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05. Sayings Nov 05 Sun

(5:09 pm Nov 05, 2006)

"Putty & Paint make the devil look like a saint." (CB Layton Roberts : DT ??)

"Here we go again. Almost the same time as yesterday zotz, why can't you get your act together?"

"I don't know guys, I hope I break out of it soon is all I can say."|"You feeling any better today?"

"Yes, I feel better today, thanks. But I am still not right. I just can't seem to shake this cough. It is a real pain. Everything going ok with you two?"

"So, so. It would be better if you would straighten up and fly right though. So, you have any ideas or plans for the writing today?"

"Nope, not really. I will just have to do the best I can I guess. I hope I can get some flow going tonight so I am not up too late though.""Yeah, well, good luck."

"Thanks, Bing, I think I am gonna need it. Oh man, I gotta go walk the dogs. I haven't even properly started yet!."

"Are you kididng me?"


(5:20 pm Nov 05, 2006)

(5:41 pm Nov 05, 2006)

"Back!... Guys? I wonder where they went."

Petro was down hearted. Days now and he had not managed to come up with a plan to win Loqui's heart. Well, not one that seemed right anyway. The best thought he had come up with so far was to try and get to know a cousin of hers that she was pretty tight with and to see if he might be able to help hook them up. He gave up planning for the day and went out on the patio and sat down with that book 'Tings' to start it in earnest.

'Caution! Danger!'

'Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel'

'The End.'


'But they claim that every ending is a new beginning and so we come to this.'"Ah, good one. Oops, forgot to call work and tell them I was staying up here in Briland for another day."

Petro stood up and went inside to get his cell phone.

"I gotta come up with something better than getting to know her cousin." he said to himself.

He made the call to his office and left a voice mail giving them his intentions and then rang off. He went to the kitchen and got himself some iced tea and made some toast and put some butter and guava jam on it before heading back out to the patio.

"Please note, this is not the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end, even though it is, in fact, being written in Nassau. I will leave it toyou as to whether Nassau is funky any longer."

"Caution! This may end up being a Novel in Name Only. It may, at the end of the day, end up a collection of words only, or even a jumble of words."

Petro smiled to himself.

Sorry to interrupt gentle reader, but as you can see, I was wondering about trouble at the start of my effort last year as well. I am still not sure I can actually call it a proper novel, but I did manage a nice word count and most days the writing came failry easy. If I recall correctly. If you decide to read it and find evidence to the contrary, I guess my memory is not as sharp as I might like huh. this year though, things are tough. Tough!

(6:10 pm Nov 05, 2006)

"Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?" (CD Jeremy Parr : DT ??)

(6:36 pm Nov 05, 2006)"Speed man, nothin but speed! I is typin so fast now man, ma keys is startin ta smoke!"

"Yeah, right zotz. I done jus fall from da turnip truck maself. I see you has been AWOL again. Can't you keep your nose to the grindstone?"

"Not that I can tell. You gonna do something about it for me?"

"Das against da rules zotz. You gatta write dis ting ya own self."

'Caution! Proceed at your own risk! Read at your own risk! Neither the author nor anyone else to his knowledge makes any warranties of any kind with respect to these words.'

'Caution! Reading these words may end up being a complete waste of your time. It is unknown as to whether you consider your time to be valuable or not.'

Petro closed the book and got up from his chair and went inside with it. "What am I doing here? This is crazy. I'm gonna go into town and see if anything is going on."

(7:02 pm Nov 05, 2006)

(7:47 pm Nov 05, 2006)

Well, what can I say gentle reader, things are looking grim. I simply do not know what it is with my attitude, or my motivation, or whatever it is that is keeping me from getting the words out of my head and into the world. You know, perhaps that is not the real problem at all. No, perhaps the problem is that I cannot seem to get the words to come into my head in the first place. or perhaps I am distracted and cannot concentrate and so am constantly wandering off somewhere to do who knows what. Whatever it is, gentle reader, it is seriously putting today's word goal in doubt.

Well, gentle reader, do you have any ideas for me? No, that would perhaps not be right. Forget I ever said that. At least for now.

On the way into town Petro had run into a strange character who introduced himself as Bruno.

It is happening again gentle reader. I find myself of in la la land doing "research" on the web.

So anyway, Petro met Bruno, they introduced themselves, Petro learned that Bruno wsa heading into town as well and fell into step beside him.

Things started to change. Not much, and it was, as yet, so insignificant that petro did not notice anything. Still, things started to change.

(8:08 pm Nov 05, 2006)

"One dog, one bone" (CB Patrick Farmer : DT John Farmer)

Loqui had stayed inside all day, reading mostly, speaking with some friends on the phone. Some local and some away with Vonage. She thought that she really should think about switching to da ViBe now that BTC wsa offering its own voice over IP phone service. Just to be super sure she was legal.

She figured she needed to ask some more advice before making a move though.

For dinner, she made some runny grits on the stove and then took some left over tuna salad out of the fridge and ate it along with some sea grapes a friend had dropped by earlier in the day. A bit odd perhaps, but not bad none the less.

(8:17 pm Nov 05, 2006)

She was sitting at her kitchen table at the moment writing a letter to an old high school friend who now lived in San Antonio Texas.

The thing about this that some of you might find strange is that, although Loqui was quite the net fan and, like many such people, preferred to use email or IM for communications, once in a while, she preferred to go off line as it were and write on actual, bona fide, paper. And not just any paper, not some lined foolscap or some letter sized white paper grabbed from some forlorn photo copy machine sitting in some lonely office somewhere in town. No, this was special hand made cotton paper that she had made just for her by another friend living in Canada.

She didn't use just any pen either. She used her grandfather's old fountain pen and inkwell.

(8:29 pm Nov 05, 2006)

Whooo doggie! The #nanowrimo channel on is packed tonight.

Anyway, gentle reader, Loqui was at her table writing a letter to a friend longhand.

Let's take a peek, shall we?

'anyway, I don't think I want to live here in Nassau for much longer right now. I have been looking online for places in the out islands as well as wondering about moving abroad.'

And so, gentle reader, what a coincidence! Just as we peek over her shoulder, we find her writing her friend about her desires to move away from Nassau. how will this affect our gallant Petro's plans to take her for a wife?

'I wonder if you have any ideas on where might be a good place for me to think about moving to. Have you ever thought that you might move somewhere else and start line anew? Just start fresh and get away from the baggage of your past, I mean.'

(8:43 pm Nov 05, 2006)

What's this, gentle reader? Our tender Loqui seems she might have baggage in her past that she would want to be rid of. What could it possibly be?

Well, if you get any good ideas as to what her baggage might be, be sure to send them my way. I am having major problems with my own idea creationator right up in now.

"Dem people on de Island gat a slang of dere own." (CB Janson Saunders : DT Piccolo Pete)

(9:34 pm Nov 05, 2006)

Anyway, here goes nothing!


After finishing her longhand letter, Loqui folded it carefully and gently inserted it into the specialty envelope she got from her firend to match the paper. Then she licked the flap and sealed it. She wrote the address on the outside and laid the letter aside for posting from work in the morning. Perks.

She heard fireworks outside and remembered that it was the fifth of November. How could she have forgotten? The sickness must have done her in more than she imagined. Poor old Guy would have to wait for next year to be warmed up.

Gentle reader, allow me to take you now to the den of Nano and Drake. As we enter, we find them sleeping. What is that strange, rotten egg smell about the place?

As we watch them, the seem to grow and shrink right before our eyes. I don't know about you gentle reader, but I certainly have not had tee many martoonies tonight. In fact, I have had no martoonies tonight, no martinis either. No liquid spirits of any kind. None at all. Well, I did pour small quantities of rubbing alcohol in my ears earlier in the day aster I showered, but, like it warns on the bottle, that was an external application only.

Good old JuJu is barking at the fireworks. I wonder if it is the same set Loqui was hearing or if we are far enough away for them to be a different set altogether.

(9:47 pm Nov 05, 2006)

So, back to Nano and Drake. I hate to wake dragons from their sleep, it can be vary dangerous on occasion, they are wont to react in unpredictable ways. Totally unpredictable. Some would even say random ways. And I don't mean pseudo random ways!

Oh no! I mean random ways. No algorithmic generation of dragons ways. No siree Bob!

(9:53 pm Nov 05, 2006)

So, what say you, gentle reader, shall I brave the dangers inherent and wake the two dragons?

Gentle reader? Are you still with me? Well, in any case, I fear I must wake them.

A very large sky rocket bursts in the air right outside the entrance to the dragon's cave with a tremendous, thunderous, explosion. Nano and Drake awaken from their slumbers and immediately disappear.

Great! What good was that then?

I set up a nice little story device to cuase the dragons to wake up so that I can ask them a few simple questions and what happens? They up and disappear on me. Now where am I? Up the proverbial creek without the proverbial paddle it seems. Sorry about that gentle reader.

(9:59 pm Nov 05, 2006)

Checking back with Loqui, we find she has retired for the night. Back up in Briland, we can find no trace of Petro or Bruno. Something is fishy there.

(10:02 pm Nov 05, 2006)

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