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25. Sayings Nov 25 Sat

(9:47 am Nov 25, 2006)

(10:52 am Nov 25, 2006)

"If you wanna howl with the owls, you gotta learn to soar with the eagles." (CB Robert Carron : DT ??)

These sayings are hard to come by today gentle reader, very hard indeed. I need to spend some more time trying to get some together. Back when I get some more.

(11:32 am Nov 25, 2006)

Still can't get the sayings I need for today and I have to head out to the write
in soon. I will be writing on paper at the write in again this week gentle
reader, so I will have to type everything in when I get back again. OK, well, I need to get a notebook with a better keyboard if I am going to be doing this again next year...

(12:05 pm Nov 25, 2006)

Here again at the NaNo write in. Lunch just interrupted art for a bit there.

This writing away from what my wife refers to as my cave poses certain difficulties. I don't have access to my notes, I don't have access to the text of the book so far. I don't have access to the world wide web and the rest of the net which can sometimes prove a boon and at other times become what seems like an unlimited time sink.

(12:29 pm Nov 25, 2006)

This searching for the day's quota of sayings is time draining. This last one was interesting and fun but a drain none the less. Oooo wee gentle reader, this time that I am dealing with today seems like it is very tricky. Very tricky indeed. Tricky and a little bit sticky.

"Hey zotz! What it is bey? You ready for da bruddahs travel stories yet? Don't be giving ya boys dem da brush off today mabeezo!"

"Bruddahs, bruddahs, no brush off for you today. I am so glad you dropped by. I think I am gonna really need you guys today to help me through. You two are a sight for sore eyes today!"

"This sure is some nice weather we are having today heh zotz? I tell you man, I am loving it. So, where can we start Boom? What do you think we should tell him about first?"

"Well Bing, how about that little thing we found down at the bottom of the tongue of the ocean?"

"That sounds good Boom. Zotz, this one will blow your little mind! there are things that we are finding out about this old world of ours that we never imagined. I mean we have never even begun to dream about things like these."

(12:48 pm Nov 25, 2006)

"Now wait bruddahs, how did you get down to the bottom of the tongue of the ocean on a flying carpet? it is a flying carpet, not a swimming carpet right? What's up with that? How could you breath down there?"

"Zotz, this thing is even more amazing than you can imagine. We are constantly being amazed as we continue to learn its capabilities. I mean this thing is fantastic! Simply fantastic!"

"So what's down there boys? Knock my socks off!"

"Where shall we start Boom?"

"Start with the base Bing. Leave that other stuff until later."

"Good idea Boom, the base it is then. Alright zotz, hold on to your horses. Here it comes. Are you ready? Zotz! here is a secret Bahamascare base down there at the bottom of the tongue of the ocean. And this ain't no play play base either. This is one majorly massive base down there at the bottom of the tongue."

"Here today gone tomorrow!" (CB Chris Symonette : DT ??)

"A what? A Bahamascare base! What kind of foolishness are you two trying to put over on me today? Why would Bahamascare want an underwater base? What would they do with one? And why so deep?"

"Zotz, we don't know all of the details but the base is there and it is astounding! They must have over a hundred aircraft down there at any one time. And the place is a hive of activity. Planes are always coming and going. It's more busy down there than out at Windsor Field. It seems to be a combination of some sort of training base combined with a cargo hub of some sort."

"Training and cargo, training and cargo. Hmmmm. I wonder..."

"Wonder what zotz? We're cutting you in, don't go trying to cut us out!"

(1:10 pm Nov 25, 2006)

"Guys, I'm not trying to cut you out, I'm still depending on you two here today. It's just that I'm thinking out loud here. Trying to at least. I think I see some angles and some forms behind the shadows but my thoughts have not settled down as yet."

"OK, OK, so come on, tell us what you think so far."

"Impatience is not the virtue you know. Any way, here goes. I know you guys must have read my 'Bahamascare Flight 1066' and if not I am sure you must have flown on Bahamascare at some point in your lives, so you know of the airlines habit of stating the planes cruising altitude for the flights in fathoms. And you know that when they say that they will be cruising at eighty fathoms, they mean eighty fathoms and not negative eighty fathoms. I am a little surprised in that I have never heard of them taking off or landing under water though, just cruising there, but I guess it sort of makes sense. In a funny sort of way."

"That is true ya know zotz, as far as the training goes. But why the under water cargo hub?"

"I'll get there, just a second will you. What I'm thinking about as far as the cargo angle goes is that they must be using it to get the extra bags back to Nassau from Florida, especially during the peak seasons. But why would they be dong that?"

"They must be bringing over such volumes of extra bags that they are afraid to admit it."

"Boom, ya know, I'll bet that you are on to something there. They may have some deal with the other airlines to limit the number of allowed checked bags and are using this as a way around it. Or maybe it's just extra bags for family and friends, well, and the politicians, can't leave them out of the equation!"

"Zotz, don't be so fool! The politicians bags gatta come back on the main flight. No way they gonna leave their stuff for the 'next' flight."

(1:39 pm Nov 25, 2006)

"Bing, don't you be such a fool! That may hold for their regular luggage, but if they are bringing back stock for their stores or something like that, they may actually prefer it to come in on the 'next' plane. it wouldn't look too good for someone to see their minister of parliament passing through customs with a hundred boxes of checked luggage!"

"Zotz, das true ya know, I never thought of that. But tell me, why not just ship it in as cargo?"

"Even teeth and tongue bite." (CB Beryle Strachan : DT Angeline Clarke)

"Hmmmm. Let me see... I've got it! Stamp tax! that could be it. That's what like seven and a half or eight and a half percent? You pay stamp tax on goods that you ship in but you don't pat stamp tax on goods that come in in your checked baggage. And you pay stamp tax on top of cost, insurance, and freight, don't you? I mean like you add all of that up and pay a percentage of the total in stamp tax right?"

"I'm not sure what you pay stamp tax on zotz, but you could have something there. I think you might have a lot of plot holes in this section today though zotz. I mean, wouldn't the politicians just bring all of their stuff in duty free and not worry about paying any duty or stamp tax?"

"Sure, the dishonest politicians would Boom, but not the honest ones."

"Good one zotz!" da Bruddas dem both said at once.

"No guys. I am being serious here. That was no joke."

"Zotz, now you are the one trying to put something over on us. Come now!"

"Guys, not all politicians are crooks you know."

(1:56 pm Nov 25, 2006)

"You wanna run that by us one more time there zotz? Like which ones, the ones that aren't lawyers? Or the ones that never get elected? Or maybe even the dead ones? Which ones zotz?"

"Guys, you really need to get over this thinking in stereotypes that you are stuck in you know. Expand your horizons while you are using that carpet to expand your horizons."

(6:12 pm Nov 25, 2006)

Ah, gentle reader, the after noon got away from me. The write in went well, still only myself and one other writer showed for it, but it was worth while. Some things start slower than others. I did not write as much in the two hours this week as I did last week if I recall correctly.

Like last week, I am now back to typing instead of writing things out longhand but once again, this is being typed into AbiWord and not into my irssi client that is logged in to ##zotz on

Why? For the same reason as last week. I haven't yet typed in my longhand words and don't want to get things out of order. Nor do I want to take the time to type in those words before finishing writing these. Details, details. Book keeping details of the book writing process. Well, at least of my book writing process. I am sure you will have your own experiences when you write your own novel, gentle reader. That is, if you have not already done so.

Plus, gentle reader, this late in the day and I still do not really have the last saying that I need for the day. I have two that people have given me today but weren't happy with and promised to call me back with a better one. I will go with them if I have to though. And I am getting mighty close to needing to put that last one in.

"Only shoot what you're gonna eat." (CB Glen Kelly : DT Dead Fish)

"Hey zotz, why did you run out on us like that today at the cafe? We were right in the middle of an interesting discussion and blink, you were gone."

"Guys, you knew about the piano lessons didn't you? Surely you knew that I had to cut out at two?"

"Zotz, cut with the cheap poetry rhyming will you and no, we did not know that you had to go to some piano lessons, we did not even knew that you played the piano."

"Guys, I don't play the piano and I am certainly not taking piano lessons, those days are long gone. Sometimes I play around with the piano but that is something else entirely."

"Zotz, am I hearing things? Didn't you just say that you ran out on us because of piano lessons? I thought I heard something to that effect, didn't you Boom?" said Bing while Boom nodded his head.

"Bing, you're doing that assume thing here. I had to cut out on you at two, yes. I had to leave on account of piano lessons, yes. There is not call for you to assume that those piano lessons were my piano lessons. I never said anything to that effect now did I?"

"You know something zotz, that is true. Just remember though, it is you and me when you come right down to it. Oh and didn't I ask you to leave off with those simple rhymes? You can do better than that zotz."

"You know guys, I may or may not be able to, but the question is, do I want to at this point. In case you hadn't noticed yet boys, one thing I am not doing for NaNo this year is writing a carefully hand crafted epic poem. This is prose boys. Pure prose. Sure, a rhyme or two may sneak in from time to time, a little alliteration from time to time, but still, prose it is. So, boys, where were we?"

"Well zotz, here is the thing. You were right in the middle of insulting us. Saying something about us and our stereotypical thinking. I for one did not appreciate those words at all zotz, not in the least," said Bruddah Bing.

"Oh yeah right, I remember now. The thing is, and I meant no insult by it by the way, you two were guilty of thinking in stereotypes. Can't you see that? I wouldn't have been surprised if you had gone on to blonds and Segillians next."

"No zotz, seeing as it was you, we would probably have gone on to blonds and then 'conians."

"Now that is hitting below the belt, still, wasn't that whole lawyer and politician bit really just a little side road, what was the big topic?"

"Oh right you are el zotz, we were talking about the Bahamascare base down at the bottom of the tongue of the ocean.Man, that was really something. Whoooo doggie!"

(8:22 pm Nov 25, 2006)

And so gentle reader, I finally meet you back in real time. All of the typing up of the hand written words is done. And all of the words since this morning have been cut and pasted from AbiWord into irssi and the day's writing is done. See you tomorrow. Sleep and dreams once again call.

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