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06. Sayings Nov 06 Mon

"Holy Mackral!" (CB Ann-Marie Lofland : DT David Kemp)

(2:28 pm Nov 06, 2006)

Franke Rolle walked up the path to the front door of the small clap board house. The yard was clean and well kept, but the house needed some paint and some repairs in places.

Franke's son was in a bit of trouble again and he was on the way to see Big Bill for some much needed advice. Bill should still be home as school was not yet out and he wsa not coaching during school hours today. He would probably leave for the track about three fifteen or three twenty.

When he reached the front door, he reached out and pulled the rope to ring the ships bell that served as a door bell for the house. Bill said that this bell had been in the Techero family for hundreds of years. He kept it well polished.

He heard some motion inside and soon Big Bill came to the door and opened it.

"What can I do for you Franke?"

"Hey Bill, how's it going? Do you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you about James again. He has managed to get himself in a jam again and I need someone to talk it over with. I don't know what I need to do to help that boy. He always refused to learn the easy way, but these days, he seems to be unable to learn the hard way either.

"Sure, come on in and sit down, I have some time to spare before I need to head on out."

Franke walked into the house and seated himself on a small rattan sofa that had seen better days. Bill pulled up his duho and sat on it."

"What is going on this time Franke?"

"Well, Bill, he went up to New York to stay with his mother for the summer. He just got back this morning and it seems he got into some situations while he was up that way. I don't know if he kept them from his mother or if she was keeping it from me, but I just found out after he got back. I don't know what I am going to do with that boy."

"Exactly what sort of situations did he get into up there Franke?"

"Well, I am still not one hundred percent clear on that myself Bill, but I think he was running with some of the bad heads from the islands living up that way and ran up some gambling debts with some bad people. Then, if I caught his meaning right, he stole some money from the bad heads he was running with to pay off the debts."

"OK, that seems clear. What then?"

"Well, his friends figured out that it was most likely James that had ripped them off and they threatened to call the police if he didn't make good. He told them he was leaving for home soon but that he could raise the money when he got back sned it on up."

"That sounds like a plan. What's the problem?"

"The problem is, it is over a hundred grand and there is no way I see him being able to raise that kind of money. I don't think I have much chance of getting together that large of an amount either. I know that you have given about all you can to the cause and I wouldn't feel right going the steak out route for something like this."

"I'm gonna slap you and spin you like a top." (CB Renee Winton - DT Ruth Roberts)

(3:34 pm Nov 06, 2006)

"Oh man! Will you look at the time! Listen Franke, I really have to run, but I will come by when I leave the track tonight and I might have some ideas by then or we can go and grab a bite to eat and we can hash it out some more."

"Is it that late already? Sure, no problem Bill, I should be home by then. Thanks."

They stood up and Bill headed to the back of the house to get his stuff while Franke let himself out.

Bill picked up his stuff and went out the front door. He shut it, but did not lock it. In fact, his house had no lock on it. Word in the neighbourhood was that he was so well respected that, even though many considerd this a rough part of town, no one would mess with his place. This was partly right, but it wasn't the whole story. Bill sat down on his front stoop and smiled to himself as he put on his inline skates. He stood up, put on his backpack and headed for the track.

(3:42 pm Nov 06, 2006)

(4:15 pm Nov 06, 2006)

Petro was back on the island. He had heard that a friend of his was up in Briland for lunch with his girl and was heading back to the capitol afterwards. He had gone into twon and found him to see if he could catch a ride back instead of taking the Bo Hengy. Things worked out and he had gone back to the house and packed his things. He had packed the copy of 'Tings' as well and left two of his own paperbacks in place of it. He would send 'Tings' back as well when he was done with it. He felt sure his friend who owned the place would not mind.

What a waste of a weekend he thought to himself dryly. All that time and no great ideas to show for it. The ting is, he normally had no problems with ideas. Sometimes, he had a few problems carrying them out to his satisfaction, but he seldom had problems actually having them. This situation was different though. Things just wouldn't seem to jell in his head. He had seen a glimmer of hope after sepnding some time with Bruno, but that cat had to leave too soon and the hope faded. Mind you, he still felt a little better about his chances than before meeting Bruno, but, on the whole, it still seemed like a largely wasted weekend.

"A little tells you what a great deal means." (CB Sean D. Moore : DT ??)

(4:28 pm Nov 06, 2006)

(5:44 pm Nov 06, 2006)

Petro decided to eat out tonight. A quick shower, throw on some old blue jeans and a white long sleeve cotton shirt and he was good to go. He slipped his bare feet into a pair of old loafers on the way out the door.

(6:33 pm Nov 06, 2006)

(8:47 pm Nov 06, 2006)

Bill and Franke were sitting in a little restaurant that had recently opened up on Prince Charles. The place was clean and the food was quite tasty. Bill was eating the jerk chicken and rice and Franke was eating a pork chop and pasta.

"Listen Franke, I know you think James used to learn things the hard way, but I don't think that is so. You remember that I have been telling you for some time now that as long as you continued to bail James out, he was not gonna get it? In other words, my brudda, he is not only refusing to learn his lessons from advice, he is also refusing to learn them first hand."

"I don't know if I'm ready to buy that..."

"Hold on Franke, hear me out please. He is refusing to learn them first hand because he is learning a meta-lesson. That lesson is that someone will always get me out of whatever trouble I get myself into. And Franke, that son of yours seems to keep getting himself into bigger and bigger trouble. If you love that boy, and I know you do, you need to think seriously about what I am saying to you Franke."

"So what was I supposed to do the last time Franke? Let him be sent up to Fox Hill without trying to stop it? Bill, you know that what he would have had to endure up there would not have been a just punishment for what he did! I agree he should have suffered some consequences, but please, you know that would have not been right."

"Yes, Franke, I know that. And you know I know it. It was me who introduced you to certain people if you recall."

"I'm not forgetting, but what else could I have done?"

"Like I told you then, it is not what else you could have done then, it is what else you could have done earlier. In any case, the past is past. The question we need to consider is what, if anything, we can do this time to make a positive impact on him."

(9:03 pm Nov 06, 2006)

"Let me think about it some more. I may know some people up in New York who can help us out. Let's talk about something else until next time, ok?"

"Don't let your mout carry you where your foot can't bring you back from." (CB Damian Albury : DT ??)

Nano and Drake had been shadowing Petro for some time now. They had a feeling that he might run into Loqui at some point tonight and so they decided to hang around. just in case.

Petro had a friend at one of the all inclusives who would let him on the property from time to time that he would not abuse things. Mostly, when he went on property, it was to have a drink and once in a while a snack with his buddy and then to walk the grounds and take in the sights.

We find him now at the end of a dock, sitting on a bench, looking out to sea. An old tune about the sea is running through his head.

He hears a group of people walking out on the dock towards him, but he is lost in thought and does not turn around.

From behind him a woman's voice says, "Beautiful weather we are having tonight, isn't it? And the moon on the water is perfect."

Still deep in his thoughts, he replies, "Yes, I love nights like this out here."

"Do you mind if my friends and I join you on the bench?"

He is a bit put off, but what can he say? "No, there is plenty room, please do."

"Thank you, we'll try not," he looks up as they pass by to get to the other end of the bench, "to disturb you too mu" it is Loqui and just as he recognizes her she looks and sees it is him, "chhh. Oh."

He is speechless and she turns away. He sees that she is confused as to whether she should turn and go back to shore or continue and sit down. He senses her unease and decides not to push things.

"It's ok," he says, I really need to get going."

Nano and Drake are furious with themselves. How could they have let this happen? They were paying too much attention to Petro and not to the rest of the surroundings. Well, to Petro and to the moonlight on the water and the salty breeze.

Petro got up to leave.

"No please stay. I have no right to run you off like that. If anyone shoulg go, it should be us."

"No, it's ok, really."

"Petrosephas, I would feel rotten if you were to leave right now."

He froze. Slowly he turned his head and looked at her. She wsa speaking to him. On top of that, she knew his name and had said it. He didn't know what do say or do so he smiled briefly and sat back down, "I wouldn't want that."

(9:46 pm Nov 06, 2006)

Nano and Drake beat a hasty retreat.

When they reached the shore, they stopped and held a quick council of war.

"We've really blown it now Drake. What are we gonna do to fix this up?"

"I don't know. If we go out there now and try to pull our little scam, we may end up by letting the cat out of the bag."

"Too true. Plus, it is one thing to keep things as they are with our little scam, we could at least have some sort of excuse if zotz caught us out, but now that things are changed... I am not sure we should run a risk that big."

"I think we should go home for the night and see if we have any bright ideas tomorrow morning."

"I agree, but things could get ugly for us tonight out there on the dock while we are not around to influence things." groans Nano.

(9:54 pm Nov 06, 2006)

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