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17. Sayings Nov 17 Fri

(2:38 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"Fish or cut bait." (CB Eric Carlsson : DT ??)(2:47 pm Nov 17, 2006)

(3:39 pm Nov 17, 2006)

(3:53 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"Hey zotz, are you sure this is not the wrong novel you are writing this year? Did you name it wrong?"

"Sup Bing? No, this is not 'The Wrong Novel'. That is another novel that I am working on."

"Yeah but zotz, that's what you said last year and I haven't heard anything more about it since."

"Well Bing, I guess that one is just a long time aborning. Some things take time. At least that's what I always heard. In any case, this is not 'The Wrong Novel'. Trust me, I know my own novels."

"Now zotz, you are asking a bit much there. I mean it is one thing to ask Gentle here to suspend his disbelief, but I am not one of your readers and I think that this is the wrong novel."

"Bing, no matter how wrong this novel is, and I admit, sometimes I have felt that way myself, this is not 'The Wrong Novel'."

"Well zotz, how much work have you actually been doing on 'The Wrong Novel' then?"

"Bing, I am sorry to admit that it isn't a whole lot. Pretty much the big zero in fact. I have been working some on another book called 'Bahamian Nonsense' during the past year though. You can find it up on at this URL if you care to check it out. Type this into your browser and you should go right there. If you get an error, try again later."

"I might do that zotz, but you really need to get to work on 'The Wrong Novel'. That is the one Boom and I are waiting to read. Oh, and do us a favour zotz, leave us out of 'The Wrong Novel' please. It is one thing to be in these NaNo novels of yours where we can pretty much do as we please, but two guys like us really don't belong in an 'Wrong Novel' book."

(4:08 pm Nov 17, 2006)

Excuse me a second, gentle reader, I need a snuggle break.

(4:12 pm Nov 17, 2006)

Back, that was a short break.

"Hello, is Petro there?"

"May I say who is calling?"

"This is Chloe calling from London."

"I'm afraid Petrosephas is not in right now, may I take a message?"

"Petro, stop pulling my leg, I know it's you!"

"Chloe, it is not me, I said that I wasn't here alright?"

"Oh, OK, well would you give yourself a message from me then?"

"Sure thing, I will be sure to do that for you."

(4:22 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"I still want Petro to come to London for that photo shoot. Would you tell him that for me please."

"Yes, I will, anything else?"

"Yes, would you tell him to stop being so childish for me? Well, perhaps not childish, perhaps stupid. Would you tell him that for me please?"

"Ya can't have ya cake and eat it too." (CB Phillip Smith : DT ??)

"Sure thing Chloe, listen, I have been thinking about it. I can see that there could be some really positive things in it for me, but I have not decided yet. Plus, I am on crutches right now. I had a little accident involving a car and a tree two nights ago while I was out running."

"Oh, Petro! Are you alright? Can I do anything for you?"

(4:45 pm Nov 17, 2006)

(5:11 pm Nov 17, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, I am writing this out longhand again tonight due to a mix up of my own. I came to band practice and I am still here. I brought my laptop computer to work on my book while I was here, but I forgot to bring my power supply. The battery probably hasn't been charged for over a month and when I tried to run on it, it never even finished up the boot up process before giving out.

Chloe and Petro had talked for a while longer and then rang off. Petro had said that he really would think seriously about the trip and the shoot and Chloe had said how happy she was to hear it.

"Zotz, how's tings?"

"Nano, Drake, I didn't expect to see you two guys so soon after the other night. What brings you here?"

"Well, we came to ask you not to get up in our territory like this."

"Your territory? What are you two on about?"

"Well zotz, looks like you are well on your way to breaking up Loqui and Petro. At least it seems like that's what you're trying to do. We just want to tell you that that is our play."

"Guys, trust me, that's not my plan at all."

"Well, if it's not, you bes' be careful. And don't come try to blame us if it happens. As of the other night, we are hands off when it comes to those two."

"Sure thing guys, I'm on top of the situation. OK? Thanks though. At least I hope that I'm on top of it."

(5:36 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"OK the zotz, we're off. Call us if you need us. Listen though, do us a favour, don't go bringing Gentle here around our secret places. That's just not right."

"I will call if I need you, but guys, I'm sorry but I can't promise when it comes to gentle reader and what he needs to see. I can't compromise my artistic integrity by making promises like that."

"Zotz, don't bring any talk of artistic integrity around here. We've been watching what you write as well and you can't pull the wool over our eyes like that."

"Whatever you say guys. Check ya later!"

Well, gentle reader, band practice is going well tonight. I think there may be a gig somewhere tomorrow. I will have to get the details before I leave here tonight.

If there is one, I will have to get my writing out of the way early tomorrow. Plus I have the NaNo write in if that happens.

Well, that song was nice. I need to make sure that Petro works on his song again soon. I will have to try and get some more sayings from two of these players before everything breaks up tonight. I already have contributions from three of them.

Life is really something, isn't it, gentle reader? A web of connections and inter connections, relationships and encounters. And the uncertainty principle. Don't forget the uncertainty principle. And we can't forget the uncertain principal either.

Electric, indeed it is. And slipping and sliding. Life.

(6:09 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"Common sense ain't common." (CB Kevin Dean : DT ??)

Loqui and her cousin were headed back to the restaurant again tonight to try something else on the menu. They went up to the door and Loqui knocked but there was no response. "What?" said Loqui, "Surely they wouldn't be closed on a Friday night!"

Her cousin went up and knocked hard and long. There was still no response, "Could we be too early? Maybe they don't open until later. Do you want to call Petro and find out?"

"No, I don't really want him to know, he might be upset at not being able to come on account of his ankle. You wanna go somewhere and grab a drink and try again later, or do you want to go somewhere else to grab something to eat?"

A Doctor and some good love. Yes indeed. Time, times, and half a time. I give you some more time you know. Time to spare. Like a ship in a bottle. Put that ship in a bottle with some time and a message and throw it in the ocean to wander the world with the currents and the drifts. To carry that message to some far away place and perhaps to some far away time. "It's pickle time!"

(6:29 pm Nov 17, 2006)

(7:16 pm Nov 17, 2006)

There is trouble ahead because of the trouble behind. I am writing this back on my desktop computer, but not in the IRC channel as I should be doing.

Why? Some might ask.

Because. Because of not taking my power supply over to band practice. I don't want to type my longhand work in now because I want to get to two thousand words first and then go back and type that stuff in. I don't want to type this into the IRC channel before I put that in because otherwise the day's work would be out of order. I can't have that.

So, I am typing this in here and when I reach two thousand or more, I will go back and type the longhand in here as well, and then, then, gentle reader, I will copy and paste into the ##zotz IRC channel. So once again, the times in the novel will not match the timestamps in the IRC log files. Such is life in the tropics.

Gentle reader, did you realize that writing a novel in thirty days entailed so much? Mind you, if you live in a country with less frequent power outages, things might be a little easier. Are there any other NaNo authors outside of the Bahamas who are having to contend with frequent power outages this November? I think I just had a light bulb light up over my head. I have an idea for another NaNo poll. That is two now I have to put in. I already have one in and am getting a response that is nice to seem Counting the one already entered, the second one will ask about Free Works of NaNo authors and the third, that would be the one I just had the idea for will be about the number of November outages that the NaNo authors have experienced this year. That should be interesting.

OK, I need my last saying for the day now and I am fresh out. Time to take a break and call around to try and get one.

(7:30 pm Nov 17, 2006)

(7:42 pm Nov 17, 2006)

"If brains was dynamite, you couldn't blow your nose." (CB Gregory Roberts : DT Vera Smith)

Got a few, OK, well, two, but that is one more than I needed to finish up the night. On to two thousand! Or 2K as they say. The thing is, I avoid calling it 2K as to me, 2K is 2,048 and not 2,000. That would be an extra twelve hundred words when talking about a NaNo minimum novel. Well if you take a NaNo minimum novel was one which has the minimum number of words to be an official NaNoWriMo winner.

Gotta watch when you may be dealing with binary Ks and expecting decimal Ks. I bet you could lose space probes over matters like that.

Gentle reader, I am hungry. I needs ma food. I am going to try and get to two thousand before my food arrives though. That way, I can eat and then, after dinner, or supper, it could be supper I guess, I can type up the longhand part of today's output. Fun can' done.

(7:51 pm Nov 17, 2006)

Gentle reader, have you ever read my unfinished short piece that starts out talking about life in its many impestations? No? What about the one that starts out talking about it seems that foreigner wanted to go on a journey? No? Help me out here gentle reader, I am getting close.

Crossing the line / lines.

Fire, heat, burning.

Misty, dark, moonlight, warmth, coldness, chill.

Young love, true love, lasting love.

Being pushed too far.

Stars, clarity, smoothness.

Pulsing, pumping, intensity.

Palm trees outlines against a silver sea, scented breeze.

Searching for answers, growing, adversity.

Deep pools, eyes, veil, soft voice.

Out of focus, rain drops.

Well, gentle reader, what about another of my unfinished short pieces that starts out talking about the words that seem to have been gaining weight lately? No?What about my story about Time and Chance? Surely you must have read that one. No? Oh come on. I need help here.

The melody is in my heart.

The harmony is in my soul.

The rhythm it is in my blood.

I feel the music take control.

And I move.

Oh, and it seems like there is a gig tomorrow night, gentle reader, so I will be trying to write my allotment in the morning or at the write in. Set up and sound check after the write in and then a late night followed by a broke up Sunday most likely. I am not as young as I used to be and my body doesn't like me keeping late hours these days.

(8:07 pm Nov 17, 2006)

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