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04. Sayings Nov 04 Sat

(5:05 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"She makin' foot fo' road." (CB Jorge Bacardi : DT Harold Albury)

"Zotz! Are you kiddin me! I thought you might get your act together after our talk and our offer to help yesterday and now this is the first we set eyes on you today? What is wrong with you mabeezo?

"Guys, give me a break ok! I don't know what is wrong. I mean I know I am still sick and all, but I did feel better today than I have for a few days. Still, I just couldn't find any energy in me today."

"Well, I hope you don't still think you can do a double day today. You do know that's not happening. Right?"

"I don't plan on trying, but if things go well..."

"Don't kid yourself zotzy, it ain't happening"

"Yeah, well. Like they say... Truth is stranger than friction boys."

"Dream on, such a pretty dream on. Anyway zotzy, can we get down to brass tacks?"

Yeah, all right, but do me one favour guys... Don't call me zotzy, zotz is fine, but not zotzy."

"Aren't we a little particular today ZOTZY!"

"Please guys, I don't need unneeded grief piled on top of the abundant grief I already have."

"All right zotz, we'll cut you some slack. At least for today. We don't know what tomorrow holds though. No promises or long term commitments from us, no siree."

(5:21 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"Hey Boon, you forgot to tell me we was attending a pity party today. Lay off with the sympathy whine zotz. We can only take so much."

"So guys, do you have nay good news for me? I mean, if I decide to let you all in the novel this year."

"I thought we had already pointed out to you as to how we are already in it this year zotz. You really are having mental problems this year aren't you? What are you gonna do, re-write the whole thing from scratch? Try an come up with a plot and some characters and perhaps even an outline? At the speed you're going? I don't think so! Get real man. We are here to stay!"

"I guess you're right. In any case, do you have any good news for me?"

"Well, Nano and Drake are in, they are gonna come as soon as they can. Leggs is in too, but Spike, DaVidah and Baldy will get back to us and let us know."

"Great guys, thanks. What about Doc and Nipps?"

"Sorry, I forgot. They're in, but they probably can't come for another week or so. Something about having to wind up some legal business in Abaco. Guana I think it was."

"Anyhow zotz, we have to head out to take care of a few family issues. Why don't you tell everyone what's going on with ya boy Petro? You might have made a mistake with him bruddah. Watch him close! Like a hawk now, like a hawk."

"OK, boys, later. Thanks for your efforts with the project. Hey if I ever make any money from this project, I will be sure an give you a cut."

"Zotz. Look at me. You see who you are talking to? We know how to get a cut of things we want a cut of. Remember? Besides, with the license you chose for this project, we can set up shop for ourselves if we want. Capiche?"

"Oh, yeah, right. Oops. My bad. Later."

(5:51 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"Cromley can scull!" (CB Kim Hoggatt : DT The Family)

So, gentle reader, sorry for all the interruptions. It's just one of those things. I'll do a little flash back to this morning for you so we can try and catch up on things.

Petro woke ap with a smile on his face and stretched. The breeze coming through the window felt fantastic and the sound of the waves on the beach was something he never tired of. He rolled over and stretched out his arm to... ah, that was a dream.

He rolled out of bed and took care of business in the bath room before having a small breakfast and then dressed for a run on the beach.

While running, he smiled as he remembered his time last night with Chloe. Fun and more fun. Then he remembered his dreams and his smile brightened.

In his dreams, he had finished his love song and come up with a great plan to win Loqui. Then he had gone back to Nassau and put his plan into action. A little before he woke up she had spoken to him for the first time when she agreed to go on a dinner date with him to a nice place down town.

His smile faded some. He realized that he couldn't remember the song or the plan.

It was a struggle to finish his run and make it back to the house with his spirits depressed as they were. He rinsed off with the hose areound the side of the house and then changed into shorts and a T-Shirt. He put some ice from the freezer into a big glass and poured himself a generous quantity of home made fruit punch. Then he went out and plopped down in a patio chair with a book he had found on a shelf in the house.

(6:18 pm Nov 04, 2006)

(6:57 pm Nov 04, 2006)

Temporal black hole passed near again.

Petro made good headway with the book he was reading but poor headway (can you say no headway) with the plan he was supposed to be hatching.

Such is life in the tropics. And yes, I know, we aren't in the tropics. Still.

Here ends the flashback gentle reader. We will not deal with what Loqui got up to at this point, if ever.

(7:01 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"Hey zotzy, wassup, what can we do you for?"

"Nano, Drake, thanks for coming. I am not sure yet. I mean, I don't need you to break up my main characters, I can't seem to get them together."

"Whoa, zotzy, we are NOT in the match making business. OK? No way! No how! Not happening! We handle the other end of the spectrum."

"I know, I know guys. Did I ask you to get them together? Did I? And please, no zotzy. Zotz will do just fine thanks."

"That's fine with us. Just no match making!"

(7:06 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"Who's ma is your pa?" (CB Crab & Di Roberts : DT ??)

"So, guys, since I have no matches for you to break up as yet and you are unwilling to do any match making, would you like to hop around the islands and see if you see anything interesting to put in this sorry piece of literature for me? Is that too much to ask?"

Nano leans in near Drake's ear and whispers, "Drake, should we clue him in on our little project with his characters?"

Drake, in turn, leans in to Nano, "No way Nano, not yet anyway. I think we can have a good bit of fun with this for a while yet."

Whatever you say Drake. So, shall we help him out with his request or are we too busy?""Ah... We're busy, but we can try and do a little island hopping and scouting for him. How about that?""Sounds good," whispers Nano before turning to look at zotz and saying, "Listen zotz, we are quite bust right now, but we feel that we can find some time do do a little hopping and scouting for you. Will that be OK with you?"

"Sure guys, anything will help. And thanks."

"No problems man, take it easy. Later."

(7:20 pm Nov 04, 2006)

(8:28 pm Nov 04, 2006)

These time warps are getting tiresome.

That's like what, an hour, gone who knows where. I don't have time like that to burn.

Loqui had intended on going to the Buzz again tonight but had come down with a cold in the afternoon and decided to stay in for the night and perhaps work on a few paintings if she felt up to it, if not perhaps a movie or some reading.

She never got around to it though becuase she got into looking for her cottage.

Petro made himself a late dinner of pan pasta and a salad and poured himself a glass of wine before going out on the patio to eat and to try and think.

I love you.

But you won't talk to me.

I need you.

But you refuse to see.

My true heart.

Is yours eternally.

I's made for you.

And you was made for me.

So come closer to me baby.

Let me breath the air you breath.

I will stand beside you baby.

I will feel your every need.

Petro thought that was OK, but wasn't sure yet if he was satisfied with it so far. It might need fixing, but it certainly needed more.

(9:10 pm Nov 04, 2006)

"First rat in the hole has his tail covered." (CB Bert Hayling : DT Herbert Roberts)

"Hey zotz!"

"Hey Bing, what brings you here?"

"Well, it's like this, you looked like you were doing good there for a while, then, kapow, I see you wrapped in chains. So I says to myself, how could you help this guy. Know what I mean? Anyways, a light buld went off over my head, ya know, I had a nice idea like. So, what if you was to like, have this guy Petro go inside the house about now and find a copy of 'Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel' on the shelf and start to read it like. You could have him like skim it and find some of your songs and get a little inspiration for his songs or something. or maybe like he could read about dragons and wonder if that is like causing him some problems in the female department. Nah, forget that last idea. If it was dragons, he wouldn't be getting any action whereas it is only that Loqui chick that is giving him the cold shoulder. So... what ya think? Good huh?"

"Bing, you know that I haven't gotten around to getting 'Tings' into shape to put it up on my place at yet, ( WWNNSNMSNM! ) so how is he gonna find a copy on the shelf in the house?"

"Zotz, I always heard you had at least a little brains. Think man. First off, this is fiction. Gentle over here is happy to suspend his disbelief for you. Gentle is always a good sport. But that's not even needed. Look, your book is up on with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license right. So, who's to say someone ELSE didn't grab a copy from there, prep it for a site like Lulu on their own initiative and order a book for themselves? And, if they did that, who's to say they didn't bring it down here to Briland on vacation and leave it here in this very same house where you have Petro staying right now? Huh? Brilliant!"

"Bing, I could kiss you! It is brilliant!"

"Hold onto your horses there zotz, don't bring that kissing stuff around here."

After he finished his dinner, Petro got up and went into the house with his dishes. He washed his plate in file thirteen and the pots in the sink. Then he poured another glass of wine and went over to browse the bookshelf.

(9:42 pm Nov 04, 2006)

His eye ran on a section that seemed to have books related to the Bahamas.

(10:04 pm Nov 04, 2006)

'Bahamas Blue'

'In the Wake Of The Leopard'

'The Land Of The Pink Perl'

'Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel'

'Dark Bahama'

'The Roof of the Wind'

Petro thought that 'Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel' looked a bit odd and then remembered that he had read something about this and another one by the same guy called 'Conch - A Bahamian Novel' in the paper last year.

He took it down from the shelf and flipped thorugh it.

(10:14 pm Nov 04, 2006)

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