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22. Sayings Nov 22 Wed

(7:57 am Nov 22, 2006)

"You don't miss the water 'til the well run dry." (CB Monique Toppin : DT ??)

(3:15 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Where can we go from here. Spent some time today in #rivendell on irc.freenode.met trying to sort through remote control with audio issues. No easy and clean solution in sight yet... Some workarounds yet to be experimented with...

I wonder if Petro will ever show up in there while I am in there now that he is setting up a station. I have a feeling he will have technical issues again if he tries.

Then again, perhaps not now that I think about it. perhaps the technical difficulties only arise when he tries to come in here to ##zotz.

Six hundred and forty five million, two hundred and eight thousand, two hundred and sixty seven... and counting.

(3:34 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Ouch, gentle reader, I am getting pulled into tech support in #rivendell when I need to be in ##zotz writing this novel. I gotta break free...

It is just one more question which leads to one more question which leads to time being eaten big time. Ouch. I gotta get down to this novel. How to break free?

Petro and Loqui have officially had their first fight. And they have officially made up with a kiss for the first time as well.There is a wonky setup that is hard to figure.

I need info!

(4:02 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Let's hope Petro doesn't run into that kind of trouble. Oh, not with Loqui, I mean with his rivendell project.

He did run into some trouble earlier in the day with Loqui over Chloe as I hinted at just a bit ago. It seems Loqui wasn't too thrilled with his idea of flying off to London to see another girl and to model for her friend. Money or no money.

Petro had wanted to know why she hadn't brought it up the night before. She said she didn't know but she was bringing it up now. Combruction. Make up love with a kiss.

Solution. Petro was going to ask Chloe to buy his ticket and he asked Loqui to come and he would buy her ticket.

Combrutcion waiting to happen.

(4:17 pm Nov 22, 2006)

I mean major combruction waiting to happen.

Gentle reader, I would also like to bring you up to date on the Danger front in Abaco. It seems some bright local yokel just in off of a smack boat up in Green Turtle Cay got wind of things and made haste down to Hope Town from New Plymouth to arrange a tour of the Abacos for Danger. With stops in the various settlements. Parties, cook outs, a little junkanoo here and there. Ticket sales, autograph signings. A little money here and there.

(4:24 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Now danger was a cow that was not averse to making a little piece of something and so she called in her friend, the owner of the field, and negotiations began in earnest.

(4:28 pm Nov 22, 2006)

"Bahamians have black crab syndrome." (CB Nick Rees : DT ??)

(4:57 pm Nov 22, 2006)

(5:25 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Well gentle reader, I am back from walking the dogs and a little lost. Where were we?

Oh yes, Danger and her proposed tour of the Abacos.

From the first mention of the possible tour this morning, the negotiations proceeded in whirlwind fashion. Perhaps waterspout fashion would be a better phrase due to the location in question. Even if I have to make up the expression right now on the spot all by myself. I have certainly not heard the phrase used before myself, have you gentle reader?

So, the negotiations had proceeded in waterspout fashion and by late afternoon Danger had left with her new entourage and headed over to Man-O-War Cay for their first stop.

(5:45 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Time is definitely not on my side once again gentle reader. Definitely not. You sit and you sit and the words refuse to flow, they back up and get clogged some where. You are not sure where, just some where. And that is if you are lucky and can feel them backing up some where. if you are not that lucky, you can't even feel them at all. It is like there are no words at all. And yes, these are substitute words again. The substitute words often come without any problems if you will permit them to. It is the genuine words that seem to give so much more trouble. The words that you are really looking for. The ones that will make your novel sparkle. The ones that will move your plot (hah!) along and excite you, yes you, gentle reader. The most these substitute words can hope for is to make you smile now and again. If these substitutes can manage a little more than that, fantastic, but it is not something to be hoped for from them. That would be hoping too much, asking too much, setting the bar too high.

Ouch, what a paragraph. I may need to break that up on re-write!

(5:53 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Once again, I am going to have to take a break fairly soon and try to round up at least two more sayings so that I can finish my day.

Bruddah Bing and Bruddah had been down in the cellars meeting with Big Sal for a few days now. I had thought I might have run them off after I got so sore at them for making hints at doing something to my novel, but it turns out I was just being paranoid, I think. Not about the threat, I feel certain that was real, about my running them off somehow. I think now that it was just that they had some pressing family business and it was a coincidence.

Uncle Albert had been coming and going. Joining the meeting for a while and then leaving again, but Bin, Boom and Sal had been in conclave constantly for days now.

(6:03 pm Nov 22, 2006)

(6:47 pm Nov 22, 2006)

"Kiss a whale's tail." (CB Rosemarie Johnson Clarke : DT Curtis Johnson)

"What are you doing here?"

"Moral support."

"I have a rubber fish and I?m not afraid to use it."

(7:14 pm Nov 22, 2006)

now gentle reader, we must take a little detour from the main thrust of this novel. I know we were just building some unstoppable momentum, just getting to the good part, just building suspense, and et cetera, but digress we must.

I've just had a news flash come in over the mind back channels that we all have but few of us dare to own up to.

It seems there is a catastrophe of world wide importance occurring even as we speak. And yes, I know that technically we are not speaking, take a chill pill and suspend a little more of your disbelief for me for a bit will you?

There is a tumbleweed catastrophe building to the point of no return.

Now, when I mentioned tumbleweeds, you probably thought of dusty western towns, deserts, cacti and heat.

Bully for you!

But that is not the context of this catastrophe. No, we are talking sub-aqueous tumbleweeds here. Oceanographers and marine biologists the world over are scrambling to determine the cause of this unexpected happening.

(7:26 pm Nov 22, 2006)

They are trying to discover if these undersea tumbleweeds are in any way related to the desert tumbleweeds. They are trying to discover where these undersea tumbleweeds are coming from. They are trying to discover ways tp combat the spread of the tumbleweeds. Ways to combat the production of new tumbleweeds. Ways to clear up the existing infestations of these undersea tumbleweeds. It is overwhelming. To say the least.

Now you may start to hear rumours spreading around the existence of sub-aqueous cacti as well in the next few days. Don't you believe them if you hear them. And whatever you do, don't spread them. Please, if you should get an email warning of under sea cacti and asking you to forward it right away to all of the people in your address book... Don't! Now, should you get a similar letter about the under sea tumbleweeds, use your best judgment. I will trust you to do the right thing there without explicit instructions. You have been warned.

(7:35 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Rest assured, I am on this right now. I have feelers going out up to Spanish Wells right now. Trying to get the sip sip experts to get back to me as soon as possible to come up with a plan to combat any sub-aqueous cacti rumours that may surface over the next few weeks. I will keep you posted. I will also try and work out a plan with them so that we will know right away the minute that the fact of under water cacti becomes known. If that happens, we will need to get the word out fast.

Granted, we are taking somewhat of a sizeable risk, planning a campaign of active rumour suppression with respect to under sea cacti. This campaign will make spreading the word of an actual under water cacti catastrophe so much harder to get out in a timely fashion. it is a risk we feel we must take though. And besides, what are the chances of an under sea cacti catastrophe following so close on the heels of this under water tumbleweed problem? They must be so small as to be almost invisible. Surely.

(7:47 pm Nov 22, 2006)

"Don't put mouth me." (CB Tony Kelly : DT Cynthia Kelly)

Different Tony Kelly, don't worry about it gentle reader. Besides, if some day I can't get enough sayings from new people, I may have to double dip as it were.

(8:43 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Oops, you just blink and the time slips away faster than c.

(8:49 pm Nov 22, 2006)

See what I mean?

Crazy daddy-o!

Simply crazy!

It's that time again. Time to try reach the end. That daily finish line that is still too far away. Still calling me. Come home. Come to papa. Calling across the gulfs of space and time and the hearts.

Too early to start that final sprint. Learn from the hare and the tortoise. Slow and steady, perhaps a little tortoise sprint right at the end.

I just got some more astounding information in about Danger. It seems she got a cell phone call from her daddy late this evening, just before the sun set. He was calling from around the back of the barn so as not to be over heard. He claimed that he had come across an old magazine at the back of the barn from over fifty years ago. It seems there were plans in it for building a mechanical man and he told Danger excitedly that he had been speaking to the Farmer's wife and that she had agreed to help him build it. The problem was, it could be very dangerous to do something behind big bad John Brown's back. And this wasn't the sort of thing he would approve of. Not at all. Danger had laughed and reminded her dad that they shared the same middle name. That settled the matter right then and there.

(9:04 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Now we're talking, just under a hundred words to go gentle reader and I want to thank you profusely for sticking with me today. I don't think I could have done it without you. You are after, one of the major reasons why I write. Truly.

Mind you, I also write because, like the old cliche says, I have to.

I am certainly not a driven as some, but i do have to. Really.

(9:10 pm Nov 22, 2006)

Sleep, glorious sleep is calling to me now, seductively. Gently. Insistently. And the thing is, I want to answer, not to resist. To answer the call and to sleep and to dream.

Good night, gentle reader. Good night.

(9:13 pm Nov 22, 2006)


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