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03. Sayings Nov 03 Fri

(5:34 pm Nov 03, 2006)

"Zotz, ma bruddah! Where you been? We been waiting here for you all day!"

"Bruddah Bing, Bruddah Boom, it's good to see you guys again, but not here."

"Bruddah zotz, how you akin? Why you talking to us like that?"

"Boys, now I know you must have seen the mental note I made to myself before November started. You know, the one where I only wanted human characters in this year's novel."

"Ma bruddah, we saw that, but we figured that you just didn't want to mess up this year's novel like you did with last year's."

"That's about right. Sooo?"

"So, we been reading what you have posted up there on so far and we decided that you had already messed it up way more than we could hope to already. So we figured we might as well come to your rescue."

"Guys, get out of here, you are messing up my novel, look, you already made me forget to start today with a saying already. You know how big a mistake that is in a novel called what this one is called?"

"Yeah, yeah, don't get all bent out of shape, we'll go now and you can put in your saying as soon as we leave. But listen up. we're only going to round up some of the crew from last year and we'll all be back to help out soon ta reckly. So you better be ready for us when we get back."

"Yeah, whatever, just go. And don't come back! Maybe next year."

Bruddah Bing and Bruddah Boom exit stage left to the sound of ominous, cartoon type music.

(5:56 pm Nov 03, 2006)

"If you don't learn, you will feel... and you got some feeling to do." (CB Terrance V Arnett | DT Olive Tucker)

Gentle reader, sorry about that interruption, I really did not need that and I know you did not either. So we'll go now to Briland to check in on Petrosephas.

Petro had taken the ferry up early in the day and had settled into a small house on the ocean beach that a friend of his owned and happened to be empty for the weekend. Then he had gone into town for some minor shopping before heading back to the house and then down to the beach.

(7:11 pm Nov 03, 2006)

He was there now. There was something about the seas of his home that he never got tired of. These islands spoke to him in a way that he found had to describe. Something about the rhythm of the waves and especially the rhythm of their meetings with the shore resonated deep within him. Spoke to his soul as he sometimes put it to himself in his more contemplative moods.

Gentle reader, as you can see, I got a very late start on this great novel today and, once again, true to form this year it seems, I am having great difficulty putting words down on paper.

Yeah, OK, you're right, it is not a GREAT novel and I am not putting words down on paper but rather typing them in an irc channel on freenode. Still, I am finding it difficult to move the words from the mind down to the fingers and out into the world.

"Oil and water don't mix." (CB Leandra Esfakis : DT ??)

(8:12 pm Nov 03, 2006)

You see what I mean gentle reader? It seems that no matter what I try, I can't seem to get untracked. Anyway.

Petro is also getting nowhere fast in trying to plan a way to Charendaloquat's heart. Well, he had more time this weekend. And, in fact, he had time after the weekend no matter how much he wanted to come up with some great idea or insight.

Petro got up and walked down the beach, walking at the water's edge, his pants rolled up.

Bruddah Bing and Bruddah Boom watched from the top of the dune as Petro passed in front of them. They were well hidden in the sea oats though and he had no inkling that he was being watched.

After he passed out of sight, they crawled out from their place of hiding and down onto the beach before heading back they way he had come from.

"You, zotzy, so that's one of your main characters this year hey? What plans do you have for him so far?"

"Guys, what are you doing back here? Didn't I ask you not to come back?"

"Zotz, zotz, trust us, you need help. You know it, and we know you know it, and you know we know you know it. Right?"

"Yes, I probably need help, but I may be able to turn things around on my own if I can just get feeling better. Plus, I don't want your kind of help. Well, I don't want your kind in my book this year. Come on guys, you know this!"

"Zotzy, not to burst your bubble or anything but, in case you hadn't noticed yet, we are already IN your book this year. So chill, we can help."

(9:10 pm Nov 03, 2006)

"Hey zotz, ya know, that's really not polite. We were in the middle of talking to you and you just up and disappeared. Wassup with that?"

"Sorry guys."

"Listen, zotz, a word of advice, you need to concentrate or you're not gonna make it this year. Know what I mean?"

"Sure Bing, hey Boom, you gonna keep silent al night or what?"

"Well, it's like this zotzbro, there's not been much that I need to add, Bruddah Bing has been spot on so I have just kept it zipped."

"Tell it like it is Boom, tell it like it is. So zotz, you gonna free up with your plans for that character this year? Is he gonna get da gal in da end or what?"

"You know, I tried to ignore it when you asked me that but you just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? There is know way I am gonna tell you guys that info this early in the game. It would spoil the book for everyone, especially Gentle Reader there."

"Oh, hey Gentle, I didn't see you there, erryting cool?.. So any way zotz, don't come round here trying to blow that smoke my way. I een just born yesterday ya know. Your problem is, you have know idea in this world what you are gonna do with your characters this year at all. And THAT, my bruddah is why da Bruddas is here to help. And THAT my bruddah is why you are gonna LET da Bruddas help your sorry self. Dig it?"

"You are around the pond." (CB Colyn Roberts : DT Blake Curry)

"So zotzy, wassup with these sayings you keep puttin in erry so often? When I first started reading, I was expecting you to weave your story around them but, to tell you da truth, dey don't seem to relate. dey don't seem to relate to nuttin at all."

"Yeah Bing, I know, I originally intended to have them relate and I still have some vague hope that I can pull things together to where I can back track some and find some relevance and tie them in somehow... Anyway, I don't know what to say. Just cut me some slack I guess."

"Zotz, zotz, you know we is dread, Gentle Reader is the one you need to watch out for. Word on the street is, he generally don't have too much patience. Word to the wise."

(9:30 pm Nov 03, 2006)

"Sorry, gentle reader, don't mind them, after all, what do two soldier crabs know about literature, right?"

"Watch it zotz, we are here to help, remember? So anyway, before we buck up again up here in Briland, Boom and I were talking about who might like to help you out again this year and who might be of the most help to you. So... What do you think about Nano and Drake? They were fun last year. They are always busy, but I bet we could convince them to give us some time this month for a good cause."

"Guys, I'm still not sure I wanna do this."

"Zotz! Stop! That is not up for discussion, you are going to do this. What IS up for discussion is who we can get, and who you want. So, let's just cut out the foolishness and get down to brass tacks why don't we?"

"Alright, alright already, I'll try. But I may not like it!"

"Oh, you'll like it just fine when you see how much easier we make your writing go for you."

"Guys, in all honesty, if you can do that for me, I will like it."

"That's the spirit. So, Nano and Drake?""Yeak, OK, I enjoeyd working with them last year, if we can convince them to do something with us again this year, let's do it!"

"I think the whole world is crazy except you and I, but I have my doubts about you." (CB James Roberts : DT ??)

(9:47 pm Nov 03, 2006)

(10:06 pm Nov 03, 2006)"Zotzy, come on man! You went poof again. You have to get your act together if you want to get through this NaNo thing this year."

"OK, guys, OK, I'm sorry. You're right. It's just that I feel so out of it it is a hard thing to do. So, where were we?"

"Well, Nano and Drake are OK, what about Doc and Nipps?"

"You think those guys might still be around? Sure if you can get them. Who else?"

"Well, there's Spike, Leggs, DaVidah, and Baldy."

"So now we are getting to the rough characters, are we? Ahhh... Leggs is cool if you can get him. I will need to sleep on the others. Listen guys, that is enough characters for now, let's see how things shape up if they agree to come aboard and we can have another meeting like this later if we need to. OK?"

"Sure zotz, we'll head out now and see who all we can get in touch with. Check you tomorrow. Good luck for the rest of the night.""Right. Thanks again guys."

(10:24 pm Nov 03, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, that leaves me with about three hundred more words to go tonight before I can call it a day and try and get some sleep. Those guys really did help as far as word count goes, but they sure have thrown a monkey wrench into what little plans and aspirations I had for the novel this year. Oh well, that's NaNo I guess."

Loqui had planned to go to The Buzz tonight but she never made it. She ended up spending hours on Google trying to find a little cottage in the islands that she might be able to swing a deal for. Then she spent some time over on poking around and seeing what items of interest she could find. After that, she shut off her box and put an old black and white movie in the DVD and turned out the lights before laying down on the futon to watch the movie.

Bruddah Bing and Bruddah Boom were watching from the sea oats on the top of the dune again as Petro walked back down the beach, arm in arm with what looked like a red head tourist gal. The two of them were talking and laughing and seemed to be having a good old time. Da Bruddahs made some notes and then headed back to Nassau.

(10:37 pm Nov 03, 2006)

"Boom, that boy is confused!"

"Which boy Bing, zotz?"

"Him too, but no Petrosephas. How can he think he loves Loqui and yet always be out with other gals?"

"I don't know Bing, I don't think it is that clear cut, I mean, that Loqui gal wont even talk to him. How can you blame him for going on a date now and again?"

"Boom, I have a bit of a feeling that it is not a date every now and again. Know what I mean?"

"Have it your way Bing, just let me try and get some sleep now will you? Later Gentle."

"Who you talking to?"

"Gentle Reader."

"Oh. Is he still hanging around? Imagine that."

(10:43 pm Nov 03, 2006)

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