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24. Sayings Nov 24 Fri

(9:00 am Nov 24, 2006)

"It is harder to lead a family than to rule a nation." (CB Andy Knowles : DT ??)

(3:30 pm Nov 24, 2006)

Six hundred and eighty nine million, ninety nine thousand, thirty two words collected and still counting. Less than six days to go.

And, gentle reader, for you information and edification, if things go well, today I will pass the fifty thousand word mark for two thousand and six and be in the winners realm. Official counting does not begin until the twenty fifth though. And you know what that means, gentle reader, no official winners until the twenty fifth either.

Big Bill had taken his duho out onto his front porch and was sitting on it. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, the air was cool and fresh. Bill enjoyed the simple things in his life very much. Sometimes he wished he could just chuck the complications and his responsibilities and go with the flow. Kick back and live each day each day.

(3:58 pm Nov 24, 2006)

Well, all this time and under two hundred words today before the start of this sentence. At this rate, that fifty thousand word line is far away still. How has this been happening over and over again this month. Am I beginning to fit into that popular definition of insanity? You know, the one about different results being expected. That one.

To write. To write one's dreams. To write one's imaginations. To write one's creations. To write and write and write. Not worrying if the words are right or wrong. Just writing. Just pouring the words out from inside, deep inside of just below the surface. From the heart or from the mind. Perhaps sometimes from the soul. Set the spirit free. To imagine, to express.

"Confessions of a mime - A novel in no easy words."

"The mime speaks - meditations on silence."

"The mimes' debates - this book will leave you speechless."

(4:07 pm Nov 24, 2006)

Gentle reader, if you should ever come across the Mimes Trilogy in your travels, in the flesh, or in the bits, please think of me. Buy them for me and send them along. If you are feeling poorly at the time, reserve them for me and send along the information and I will take it from there.

"Hey zotz, whooooo!"

"Bing, Boom, how are you two doing today?"

"Zotz, you is da bomb. This piece of flying material is the ultimate best thing anyone has ever given us! Wait till you hear the stories we have to tell you about our travels since yesterday. Wowzie!"

"Guys, I am not so sure I gave that to you. I am not even sure it is mine to give. I am glad you like it, and you are welcome to keep using and enjoying it for the time being, but don't go claiming ownership just yet. That little piece of material as you call it has a complicated history."

(4:19 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"Hog know where to rub his skin." (CB Alana Kelly : DT ??)

"Zotz, I think you and Bing are confused, if you will remember, I am the one who brought this carpet to the game as it were. I found it in a patio sale and bought it for my own self. This is mine and if I choose to share it with Bing, who are you to say we may not be able to keep it, and Bing, what are you doing thanking zotz here for something I supplied?"

"Like I said Boon, it's complicated. We don't really need to go into it just now. You guys enjoy it while you have it and I will see what I can do so that you can keep it for good. Is that fair?"

"Sure, zotz, I'm cool with that."

"Bing, there you go again! Zotz, that is not fair. How can that be fair. I but something using my own money and you are gonna act like you gave it to us to use and it is not mine to keep? What's wrong with your head today?"

"Boom, ease up. I said it was complicated and that we did not need to go into it right up in now. Give it a rest OK? Not now. We will work something out somehow."

(4:32 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"Just don't you go trying to mess with my things zotz. I been reading what you been writing and I don't want to get into that no good for nothing 'some people' set. That een no kind a people to be in set with. Leave them alone. I almost said leave the malone, but I am not the kind to dis people's grandmothers. I am not that kind of soldier. Unlike some people."

"I'll do my best for you. Let's leave it at that, shall we? Good. Done. EOS new TLA."

(4:41 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"OK, OK, so it's dropped."



"So that Boom? I thought you said it was dropped."

"I did say it was dropped zotz, and like I said, so it is. What I am asking is, so, do you want to hear the stories of our travels since yesterday?"

"I'd like that guys, later perhaps though, if we can find the time later tonight, that would be fantastic. Can it wait for a while?"

"Yes, it can wait, but why? Surely you don't have something else lined up in that brain of yours to get to in this story right now. Do you?"

"No, not really, ya got me there guys. The thing is, this scene with you two has about played itself out and I am sure gentle reader here needs a change of pace."

Oh, Gentle, sometimes you are so quiet, a body would not know you were here. Sure zotz, change the pace, get back to us tonight or another day, we're off to travel some more. Tally ho!"

"Great, Boom, thanks. You too Bing."

(4:59 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"God knows for what and for why." (CB Viveca Watkins : DT Isabele Moncrieffe Nembhard)

Well, gentle reader, they have gone and now I am at a loss as to where to proceed. I will think for a while but home the bindings do not try to return. less than five hundred words now to a winning count. That feels so good. Gentle reader, let me encourage you to write a novel next November if you have never written one before. let hat story inside you out. Set it free. I would like to encourage you to copyleft your first one as an experiment. Set if free for the world to play with with the stipulation that anything they make from it must be similarly set free, if set free at all. Have fun, suffer well, agonize with the NaNo masses. The November fools. Put your words in a big pool for the world to swim in.

(5:11 pm Nov 24, 2006)

(5:46 pm Nov 24, 2006)

Once again, gentle reader, life interrupts art.

(6:09 pm Nov 24, 2006)

And just when I thought I was getting back to art, life interrupted again.

Big Bill is still sitting on his porch and enjoying the evening. The moon is a waxing crescent and lovely. The breeze is cool. The night full of promise. A little family business and then some time out with friends. Not too late though. He had to spend some time at the track tomorrow before noon.

Bill wonders how Franke and James are doing down in Ragged Island. Franke's family wasn't from Ragged Island, but his wife's mother's father had been born there. Bill had suggested that they go down there together to see if they could sort some things out together. He planned to call on Sunday to see how things where going. Perhaps he would even take a quick trip down that way to see how things were going.

(6:22 pm Nov 24, 2006)

Petro was feeling and walking a bit better these days. He had invited Loqui to go to a movie with him this afternoon, at five o' clock. She was intrigued then he said that he would stop by her place and that they would walk to the show. There was no movie theatre within easy walking distance of her place. With his ankle, she doubted there was a theatre within his walking distance at all.

She was even more intrigued when he walked her right down to Bay Street and walked up and knocked on a beat up, nondescript door between two stores. A little panel slid back and a voice said, "Who put dat sour orange in my bath?"

Petro replied, "It wasn't me, but I did put da lime in ya banana soup."

The door opened and a skinny rail of a man took the tickets that Petro proffered and ushered them to their seats in the balcony.

Loqui looked at Petro kind of funny. He saw it, but he decided not to remark upon it.

(6:55 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"If it ain't one thing, it's ya mother." (CG Graham Thordarson : DT Viveca Watkins)

Ah, that sweet blue bar gentle reader. That sweet blue bar. That blue bar of happiness. There it is. I am reminded of Ozymandias, one cannot afford attitudes like that though. Humility is the order of the day.

When the movie started, Loqui was even more amazed. It was an old black and white romantic comedy. She looked over at Petro with an even more odd look. He ignored this look as well except for a slight smile. Loqui settled down to enjoy the movie, it was one of her all time favourites.

(7:17 pm Nov 24, 2006)

After the movie, Loqui and Petro had walked down the block and upstairs to get some Greek food for dinner. They sat outside to eat and talked and watched the traffic pass.

"So, did you like the movie?"

"It was fantastic, I never expected to see that in a theatre again. Especially not down here. And what's up with you with these mysterious business establishments behind closed doors? I have never heard of a theatre being down town these days and I had never heard about that restaurant the other night."

"Well, they are kind of mysterious, but I can't really say much more about them. I am glad you enjoyed the movie though."

(7:29 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"Come on Petro, you can't do that to a girl like me. Minds like mine want to know. You know that."

"Loqui, I can't say more, just enjoy the experiences as they come. Don't ask too many questions about these places."

"OK, but how do you know about them?"

"Loqui, you said OK, but anyway, I will say this. The word is passed from time to time and I pick up on things. If they sound like something I want to do, I go and have a good time. if not, I don't bother."

"But who..."

"Loqui, please, I don't want to be rude, but I can't, just enjoy. Please?"

"Oh, alright then, no more questions about mysterious doors. Do you like your gyro tonight?"

"Mmmm, this is great tonight. How about you? Are you enjoying the fish?"

"Definitely kind sir."

(7:41 pm Nov 24, 2006)

"Ah gentle maiden, the beauty of the moon cannot compare to you and the stars are no match for your lovely teeth for they lack the setting of your beautiful lips."

"Don't lay it on too thick bud."

"Right on sister, right on."

"Zotz! Fifty thousand, wow, we have winner. Winner! Winner! We have winner! Three years now zotz, way to go!"

"Alright guys, don't lay it on too thick. You know you just interrupted a little romantic scene there don't you?"

"Zotz, you don't know romance until you check out the world from a flying carpet. Now that is romance zotz. Thanks again bud."

Life imitates art hey gentle reader? Sort of anyway, well not exactly, but perhaps if you wink just right. WWNNSNMSNM!

And now, two thousand is crossed as well as fifty thousand and I am going to soon take that train that is bound down into the land of dreams. Or is it up to the land of dreams? In any case, sleep is calling early tonight and I have half a mind to listen. Listen and obey.

Good night, gentle reader. Good night.

(7:56 pm Nov 24, 2006)

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