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26. Sayings Nov 26 Sun

(8:52 am Nov 26, 2006)

(9:00 am Nov 26, 2006)


"Hit it ya get it!" (CB Dee Phillips : DT ??)

9:37 am Nov 26, 2006)

Ah, gentle reader, the procrastination bug has bit me. And hard. I am spending time I should be using to write for you over in the NaNoWriMo chat channel on shooting the breeze and killing time.

Why is it that when you shoot the breeze, you end up killing so much time?

Time Assassins for hire. If you have time to kill, give the experts a call.

(9:57 am Nov 26, 2006)

(10:28 am Nov 26, 2006)

Ahhhh. Net connection went down... Now, life interrupts art, back later gentle reader.

(10:29 am Nov 26, 2006)

Ahhhh. Net connection went down... Now, life interrupts art, back later gentle reader.

(10:29 am Nov 26, 2006)

(12:18 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Oh yes, trouble today indeed. First internet connections. called up support and that got fixed. But, what felt like thirty minutes to an hour, it went out again. I couldn't deal with it right away though, that life interrupting art again that has been happening to me so much lately.

So, when I finally get back here to try and start writing again. The connection is still down, only this time, there is no calling the support line. Their end of the phone line seems to be down, I get a message asking me to please hang up and try my call again.

Wait, breaking news, I just got through to the voice mail system!!! All agents are currently assisting other customers... In the Queue. We shall see...

In the mean time, gentle reader, I find myself typing into AbiWord instead of irssi once again.

Ahhhhh! This on hold marketing in my ear is playing havoc with my creativity. How is a person supposed to write great literature with some team of people trying to get you to buy things you don't want and tell you things you don't care to hear. Smooth offers into the ear. Unwanted offers.

And the piece of info that I might not mind... Like how many people are ahead of me in the queue or my expected wait time seems mysteriously lacking. Heavy call volume. Can press one and have an agent call me back within the next four hours. Four hours? Yeah right!

I have to go out to a family outing for a while soon too gentle so I may even be reduced to longhand on paper again soon.

More breaking news!!! Island wide internet outage today. Technicians working on getting every connected again. I forgot to ask and they did not offer an estimated time for the service coming on again.

(12:32 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Now gentle reader, I know that what you learned yesterday from the soldiers may have been a bit hard to believe, but what good are your suspension of disbelief super duper powers if you can't put them to use when you really need them.

Plus, I have heard that if you don't exercise those suspension powers regularly and vigorously as well I might add, that they can shrink down to almost nothing. Just a word of warning to you out there, puny, withered up suspension of disbelief powers are not becoming in a reader. No, an author likes and really appreciates a reader with strong and vigorous suspension of disbelief powers.

(12:43 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Now, I ask this of you not for my own benefit only gentle reader, I ask this of you for your own sake and for the sake of all the other authors of fiction whom you choose to give your time and attention to.

Time and attention.

Love and affection.

"Ya never pass nothing until ya die." (CB Dave Hanna : DT ??)

Well, gentle reader, time to shut this down and head out to my event and my longhand efforts.

(1:41 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Well, here we are gentle reader, at the marina, ath the beach, under the casuarina trees, in the breeze. Needles and cones on the ground, lion lizard for company. The barbecue is lit and the burgers are on the grill. Music is coming from the open car. Preparations for the scavenger hunt are underway.

We are on the south side of the island and the sun is bright. Children are everywhere. Running, climbing, riding. Clouds in the area. Wind getting cooler. Looking around, beach plants, boulders in piles. Rough an ready seats.

You know, gentle reader, I think I see Bing and Boom over there hiding in some bushes down by the beach. I don't think they were invited her today. I think I'll go over there and see what they think they are up to.I'll be back in a bit. Hold on if you can.

(2:42 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Where did that time go? Well, it wasn't Bing and Boom. It was a couple of distant cousins thrice removed of each of those two.

It turns out that they had been sent by Bing with a message for me to meet him post haste out at Clifton. I just don't see how I can pull that off today. I sent a message back asking Bing and Boom to come over to my place later in the afternoon or in the evening.

(3:09 pm Nov 26, 2006)

This place is really nice, but it is seriously not conducive to the production of written words. If things don't turn around soon, I am gonna have to cut out early and make my way back on home.

(7:18 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, back here in normal NaNo mode right now. Time, time, time. Where does it go when you aren't looking? So far to go still for the day. I haven't seen anything of Bing or Boom yet since sending that message to Bing this afternoon.

I am having a major writer's block episode here. Lock tight. Shut right down, Gummed right up. The only thing I can seem to write about right up in now is about not being able to write. That seems to be a recurring theme when it comes to my NaNoWriMo campaign this year. I really think that tonight is the worst blockage yet this month.

(7:30 pm Nov 26, 2006)

"Look at just come here telling been here what to do." (CB Joseph Strachan : DT ??)

(8:10 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Gentle reader, I am sorry, the block is strong tonight. I am going to just have to go into major ramble mode. I will try and tell you some interesting developments in this novel and in the lives of these quirky characters that we have been living with for a good while now, but if I can't find the interesting tonight, I will forge ahead with the mundane. I will not shy away from the mediocre tonight. No, I will embrace the mediocrity of the NaNo rush if that is what it takes. Not gladly, I would much more prefer to reach for excellence.

Yes, I would much rather find the words that would lift us up to a higher plane. A better place. Words to give us insight into our own lives as we share the joys and sorrows of these characters. Characters like the young sweethearts Petrosephas Stone and Cherandaloquat Smith. Characters like Bruddah Bing and Bruddah Boom, back from an award winning performance in Tings to entertain us again this year in Sayings.

And let's not forget our new star character Ayr Danger Kyne, fresh from Scotland this year for you enjoyment, entertainment and edumacation. he's something else isn't she. Give her a big hand gentle reader. Show her some love. her performance this year is as fresh as her milk.

(8:23 pm Nov 26, 2006)

And then there is the ever elusive Fryer Tucks. Also new on the literary scene this year. We haven't seen that much of him yet and there is still a chance that will will not get to see too much of him before the month ends, but he has made invaluable contributions not only to this novel, but as you have seen to the world of freedom and to the freedom of the world. What more could you ask of a simple penguin. Or a complex penguin for that matter. You know, Fryer Tucks most likely is a complex penguin, I feel certain that there is an imaginary part to him.

Plus, we can't leave out Big Bill Techero. I have a feeling that there are important things that we have yet to learn about that man. About his family connections and history. There are mysterious forces and currents afoot when it comes to that track coach who sits on his duho in his simple home.

(8:31 pm Nov 26, 2006)

(8:43 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Sometimes even with the best intentions and the worst intentions, time slips away, like water through the fingers of a thirsty man.

And let us certainly not for get Ms. Beaujolais Bobb and her Turkish manservant who she thought of as nameless and who traced his people back through the Janisseries and even further back to a small Greek island. Well, at least small compared to Australia.

Oh, wait, we haven't met those last two yet have we gentle reader? Well, let's hope we do get to meet them before time runs out, they are quite interesting and the man servant in particular has many interesting stories to tell. (I feel I must fill you in on a little secret... Beaujolais Bobb's man servant is not really her man servant at all.)

(8:55 pm Nov 26, 2006)

"Big eye choke puppy." (CB Eddie Roberts : DT Da Big Eaters)

Loqui and Petro are back out at that all inclusive out west tonight. Sitting alone out on the dock where Loqui first made the mistake of speaking to Petro.

No, that doesn't sound right, where Loqui first spoke to Petro by mistake which later turned out to be no mistake at all. At least no mistake that can be discerned at this point in time.

Loqui was sitting on the left of Petro and he had his left arm around her shoulder.

(9:13 pm Nov 26, 2006)

And time keeps slipping away. And you run and you run. And time keeps slipping. And you write and you write. And time keeps slipping. Slipping away.

Loqui is telling Petro a story about one of her paintings that she had sold years ago and that she had later seen hung in a small museum in New York City. It had taken her two full days of her vacation that year to find out how this had come about. The story was not without humour and Petro laughed gently and squeezed her shoulder from time to time.

From time to time. That phrase has deeper meaning within that what can be seen from the surface. From time to time and between times. And time keeps slipping away.

And time and life and times and lives keep slipping away. Horses thundering through the night. Water flying from their hooves as they race along the pink sand beach. Water everywhere, but not for horses to drink tonight, not now, no, that would come later.

(9:23 pm Nov 26, 2006)

And Loqui leaned in and whispered in Patro's ear, he turned to look in her eyes and their lips met. She smiled at him with her eyes and with her lips.

(9:48 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Time, times, and half a time. And you run and you write and time keeps slipping away.

Can you hear the distant drums?

Calling rhythms to the night?

Petro and Loqui were talking some more about going to London together. Petro had been checking into some flights and fares and they were a bit more than he had expected. Two people, Sunday to Sunday, Nassau to Heathrow was almost two thousand two hundred dollars. If Chloe picked up Petro's part, that was still almost eleven hundred just for the ticket. Add to that food and lodging and things could be heading north quite fast.

Loqui was warming up to the idea though. The thought of taking in some of London's famed culture and history while there were beginning to intrigue her. Privately, she had been wondering if a week was enough time to make it worth it.

(10:03 pm Nov 26, 2006)

Can you hear the distant drums?

Calling rhythms to the night?

Oh, I certainly hear those drums, gentle reader, calling me to sleep and dreams. Sweet dreams. Dreams where time itself can run backwards.

Goodnight my gentle friend. Goodnight.

(10:05 pm Nov 26, 2006)

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