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08. Sayings Nov 08 Wed

"Who dat?..... Who dat?..... Who dat say who dat when I say who dat?" (CB Peter Dupuch : DT ??)

(3:45 pm Nov 08, 2006)

(4:27 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Looking around...

"Bing? Boom? You guys here? You may as well show yourselves. I know you are gonna have some comment on my, shall we say, issues of time?"

"Bing? Boom? Come on guys, stop foolin around."

Let's see, gentle reader, where were we? Does it matter? It is, after all, a new day. A day ripe with new possibilities.

New opportunities. New places to go. New people to see.

"Hey zotz, what's cookin'?"

"Bi.. oh, it's you Nano, where's Drake?"

Well, Drake is keeping an an on a situation that has developed with a project that we were involved in before we hooked up this year."

"What is it? Anything I can help with?"

"No, we'll deal with it thanks. Um, we did just want to pass on a bit of information to you though..."


Well, just for your information, Loqui has finally spoken to Petro. We found out about it last night. We don't know if it will make much of a difference yet, but we thought you might like to know."

"You bet I want to knwo, this changes everything."

"Zotz, I seriously doubt that it is love already. how can you say it changes everything?"

"Oh, never mind, Thanks for the info Nano."

"Yeah sure, zotz. Listen, I gotta get going."

"OK, Nano, thanks again for the heads up. Oh, and good luck with your issue on the project."

"Right, sure thing, thanks."

(4:42 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Petro is trying to finish up work on a small tech support issue so that he can get out of the office before it is too late to beat the traffic. He needs to clear up the mail spool and also remove some more old users to help things run smoother in the future. He should just pack it in now and ssh in from home tonight, but he is right in the middle of things and, as happens to him from time to time, he is rushing to reach a nice stopping point. Rushing is slowing hime down. He really should go.

(4:48 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"Hey zotz!"

"Huh, oh Bing, I was looking for you guys earlier. I figured you would be hanging around just watching for me to show up so that you could get on my case again like you seem to have been doing every day."

"Zotz, didn't Bruddah Boom talk to you some about your attitude yesterday? Why do you want to insult us like that, zotz? We are only trying to help ya know."

"OK, but I was sort of expecting it. I didn't mean anything by it though. I would never intentionally insult either of you guys."

"And who says you are not a smart cookie zotz?"

"What, now you are insulting me? I can't insult you but it is ok for you to insult me?"

"Calm down zotz, take it easy. First, the answer is yes. It is ok for us to insult you even though it is not ok for your to insult us. Second, your skin is too thin. That was not an insult, just a little tease. Lighten up will you?"

(4:58 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"Purse on the floor makes you poor." (CB Michael Farmer : DT ??)

(6:28 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Petro was still at work. He had intended to just a bit more and had lost track of time. Once five o'clock had rolled by, that was all she wrote. No sense heading out into the thick of traffic when he had work to do. Better get the work out of the way and head home after traffic had cleared. Hom much money was wasted every day on this little island in traffic? The figure had to be hugh.

He logged out of the mail server and exited out of the xterm that was running on his desktop. He brought focus to his xchat client and checked in on ##zotz on to see how that guy who was writing his NaNoWriMo novel in an IRC channel was doing. Something must be wrong though. Everytime he went into that channel this month, his client started acting up and lagging big time. He decided to head on home and clicked on the icon in the bar up top to start up his screen saver and lock down his desktop.

(6:36 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Loqui plopped herself down on the futon in her living room, took off her shoes and rubbed her tired feet. If she had known she was going to be on her feet so much today, she would have made a wiser choice.

She stretched like a cat and rolled her neck and shoulders. What a day!

Drake looked down on Loqui and smiled a bitter smile. He wondered how he and Nano had messed up like that two nights ago. Some much work over such a long time down the drain due to a momentary lapse of attention. That had never happened to them before. They were determined to see that it never happened again either.

Dragons couldn't afford to get sloppy in this modern world. They had suffered great setbacks in the past at the hands of man and couldn't afford to get into that kind of adversarial contest with them again. No, it was better to stay discreet and continue working as they had for several hundred years now. Under the radar. Mind you, when dragons had decided to go under the radar, as it were, there were no radars to go under, as it were, but they went under the radar none the less. Dragons could be sneaky that way!

(6:52 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Now zotz was an odd case. He knew about dragons and even wrote about them. The thing is, people thought the things he wrote were just fiction. Funny little stories about miniture dragons roaming about causing bad breath and getting in the way of true love. The thing is, he wrote so much other ficticious nonsense about so many other crazy things that the dragons were able to get lost in the noise. To hide in plain sight as it were. It was a beautiful thing really.

"Chim chim legs and trasher hips." (CB Erskine Knowles : DT ??)

"Hey bruddah zotz, you wants ta go out an grab a bite ta eat wit me an Boom? We want to go somewhere and get us a conch snack."

"Thanks but no thanks guys. I can't eat like I used to these days. I already had a little something. I need to take a quick shower and keep writing. I still have quite a lot to go before I can close down for the night."

(7:19 pm Nov 08, 2006)

(8:10 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Petro got home and changed into his running clothes and hit the road. It was long dark already so he was wearing his reflector vest as well. He walked for the first five minutes before starting into his run. He got a lot of thinking and planning done while out on the road.

Bill and Franke were sitting together in Bill's house again tonight.

"Looks like the Dems won big last night hey Bill?"

"Sure does Franke. Sure does. Have you been thinking any more about what we were talking about yesterday?"

"Yeah Bill, but I still can't bring myself to accept that course for James. Have you thought of any other options? I can't come up with any."

"Listen Franke, how about you aks James to come over and have a talk with us and see what he thinks."

"I can ask, Bill, but I know that boy, and I don't see him agreeing to that in the state of mind he is in right now."

"Well, Franke, you have to think of something because he is in trouble and he is headed for bigger trouble if he doesn't change."

(8:34 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"Hey Franke, is your car at your house? How about we go for a drive and pass by Haynes Oval and grab a beer and watch the boys play?"

"It should be there. Let's walk over to my place and check."

Loqui woke up. She had fallen asleep listening to the radio. She wsa hungry. She got up and brushed her teeth and changed into a fresh T-Shirt and went out to grab a bite to eat from a little place in town.

(8:53 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"Hey zotz, wassup? How's the writing going? You finished yet?"

"No guys, I have been struggling again. I am right around fifteen hunderd words right now. What's that you have there in the bag Boom?"

"I got you a crack conch snack zotz. Here ya go."

"Boom, I can't eat that now. I am a bit hungry still, but not that, thanks but no."

"Suit ya self. We are gonna split it then. Anything we can do for you?"

"I'll be with you in a in a sec. Just got to get a few things taken care of. Hmmm, what can I munch on?"

(9:02 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"What sweeten ya' mouth gon' pepper ya' tail." (CB Peture Burrows : DT ??)

(9:32 pm Nov 08, 2006)

"So, what are you saying guys?"

"Zotz, you call that a sec? I would hate to have to wait a minute or two for you."

"Sorry about that guys, I got sidetracked there."

"Like I was saying ma bruddah, is there anything we can do for you?"

"You know, I still think I am a little hungry. Could one of you go out to the kitchen and get me the spicy bag of chips from the top of the fridge?"

"Ma bruddah, ya know we can't do that. That would be crossing too much into the real world. You gotta keep tings in prespective there."

"You're right Boom, I'll be right back."

"Just make it less than a sec ok?"

"Back. Guys, you know what I think would really help? I think I am losing track of my time line and my characters are doing what. Could you maybe go back and read what I have written so far and prepare a time line and some sort of a scene summary for me? That would be a big help."

"Zotz you know the rules, you have to write this novel on your own."

"But I would be writing it on my own. Look, I could have had all of this info plotted out before the month started without breaking the rule that I couldn't start writing until November first."

"Right, so what are you getting at?"

"Well, that means that those sorts of things are not actually a NaNo part of writing the book. So, although tow people can't write a NaNo book together, that is not a part of writing it. You can help me with research, with organising, hey, if I had to be on the road all day some day, I could dictate my day into my little personal recorder and one of you could even type it in for me that night."

"Don't even try dat, ma bruddah! You could hire a typist if ya want, but niether one a dese two soldiers is gonna be typing ya words inta no computer fa ya. Bes get dat straight!"

"Ok, ok, it was just a thought."

"It was just a dream is more like it."


"So, what?"

"So, are you guys gonna read this for me and make those notes to help out?"

"Ah, no, rounding up characters, that we can do. Motivating those who are a bit hesitant. That we can do too. Reading this and making notes for you? No way Jose."

(9:52 pm Nov 08, 2006)

Loqui got back from grabbing a bite and got ready for bed. She took her sketch pad and pencils to bed with her to think some more before going to sleep.

Petro got back from his run and took a quick shower by the pool before jumping in for a quick swim followed by another shower and getting ready for bed. He threw a microwave dinner in to cook and turned on his computer.

(9:56 pm Nov 08, 2006)

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